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she then tells me about a doctor Dr.
Khnang at New Hope fertility Hi! Thanks for clicking on simply Tanika I
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what’s up fertility fam we got to do what lets get those babies ladies oh and give me referral for my mammogram
a little later but it was just a routine we didn’t actually do perhaps merely
just to talk to my ovaries and the breast exam as we get older we’re more
likely to have ovarian cancer or breast cancer and not cervical cancer so pap
smears every other year now at my age hey fam are at the end of the day it’s
the end of the night it’s dark outside I went to restorative yoga it was
amazing and there’s one thing that my yoga teacher said Barry she was she
talks to us a little bit as we do it’s restorative yoga so you stay and imposed
for like 30 minutes so our second and final pose she was
saying she had read something I wish I knew where it was but there was a person
who lost his sight and so he took up or who was losing his sight he took a bird
watching and he talked about using binoculars and how when you use a
binocular you are zoned in on one thing and you lose your periphery kind of like
if you ride horses you know like when the horses have on blinders they can’t
see out the you know they only can see here in that same way binoculars only
allow you to see what’s in the circle and you lose this and the writer was
saying how it becomes like tunnel vision because you only see what’s at the end
of the tunnel you lose all your periphery long story short it made me
think of my journey and everything else is going on and had I lost sight of
other things I’m just so focused on that end result and it was kind of like a
nice punctuation mark for what I have been feeling for a day about just
enjoying my life and figuring out what happened
as it happens making plans but not being laser focused on what the outcome is I
haven’t been recording as much I’ve missed you guys but I appreciate that
you know that I am taking care of myself and just reconnecting mind body and soul
and getting in a place for my next steps and a lot of my thoughts have been about
just enjoying my life being grateful for what I have and humbled for the things
that I don’t have and being humble about the experiences that I’m allowed to have
and just really taking it all in and appreciating it I think gratitude is my
attitude and so that was just like a nice reminder having that every sort of
yoga anyway that’s kind of where I am that’s kind of the mental space and
energy that I’m in I also wanted to tell you about what happened with dr. Ramirez
so we talked a little bit she did my exam I told you earlier as we age
something’s going on the concern for cancer is more ovarian
and breast cancer as we age and not cervical so I did not have a pap smear
but I had an exam she just my ovary so we talked you know you have to tell
you’re gonna call this like have you been pregnant have you so I told her
about the IVF and she had known because she was the one who was taking care of
me but I had the miscarriage in 2017 so she knew you know basically what was
going on but I caught her up on the IVF that I
had in November pregnant December miscarriage in January and she was like
oh you’re going to do it again I told her I met with the doctor just like
you’re gonna do donor eggs right I was like no and she’s so cute she just makes
a little place like mm-hmm that’s gonna be hard at your ages that’s
a low chance and I said I know I met with the doctor on Monday and it gives
me 6% chance he didn’t give me zero so I’m going to go forward she then tells
me about a doctor dr. Cohn at New Hope fertility which Nikki went there to new
hope she didn’t see dr. Carson her attacks but she tells me about this
doctor with this mitochondrial transfer procedure which I had read about before
it’s since been banned in the u.s. she has to go to Mexico to get it done but
dr. Cohen is the one who does it he has a new hope for
Tildy Center in Mexico City anyway I won’t go into too much dr. Cohn is also
the one who treated dr. Halen who if you’ve been here a while you know I’m
always writing about my dermatologist who at 45 had her eggs retrieved she now
has three kids she just had her third one at the age of 47 and she transferred
weight for abnormal embryos he was the one who did that this was the doctor
which it was very controversial at the time all three children that she’s had
are normal they were mosaic to be fair so that they’re it’s a whole other
conversation but nonetheless I feel like that’s kind of a recurring
theme like dr. halen had the idea past 44 because that seems to be like the
cutoff for everyone had abnormal embryos you know all of these things so I was
like I want to meet with this man so I went online I set up all right requested
an appointment I didn’t I don’t have confirmation of it yet I ended up
canceling the CHR Center for human reproductive a reproduction appointment
that I talked with you guys about earlier I’m going to move forward with
cher fertility just to be clear because that’s covered by the insurance but I do
want to talk to dr. Cohn about what he has to offer at New Hope fertility
specifically about the mitochondria transfer which was dubbed here if you
want to google it in the u.s. it was dubbed as three parent babies because
what they are doing is they’re taking the mitochondria which we talk about a
lot in ubiquinol Co Q 10 conversations right as we age our natural
ubiquinol Co Q 10 declines and so we’re talking about supplementing it because
that helps with C it helps us energize our eggs by giving it more energy for
the mitochondria so we talk about that a lot they take that from a younger woman
a donor they put it in the mother’s egg they pop out in one pop in the other
mother’s egg is there so it’s still the mother’s DNA pop in the donors
mitochondria inject it with sperm and effectively that child has now three
parents but the person who % is biologically related
so it’s very comfortable he did it once he created the child here in the US the
embryo and then transplanted in Mexico after that the FDA was all over him and
said never again so it’s all done in Mexico now I don’t know if I’m there yet
but he is attributed to having helped the oldest woman on record which was 48
giving birth to her own child her own biological child normally at that age
it’s a jailbreak so I was like why not why not so it’s interesting that my
doctor my ob/gyn was like you know you need a donor egg and then when I was
like whoa they gave me a 6% chance I’m gonna go for it and if I do egg banking
and PGS the pre genetic screening that increases my chance of 76% why not she
was willing to tell me about the mitochondria transfer and I knew what
she was talking about I didn’t know they were doing it in Mexico I thought you
only did do it in the UK so I was all over that anyway so I’m gonna make the
appointment waiting for them to respond back I’m gonna meet with this doctor see
what’s going on but I’m even more excited now I feel like all the research
that I’ve done it’s kind of paying off and there’s a crossroads there seems to
be a recurring thing with dr. Hale I’m dr. Monica halo because again I’m
learning about her from someone else there was when I was taking that
counseling class it popped up that at her age she had done the idea had had
nine miscarriages then went on to transplant abnormal embryos became
pregnant once twice and then the third time I’m going to her office next week
I’m gonna take you guys but she just had the third baby last year so there’s
something there I’m taking that as a sign I take them as they come nothing
happens by coincidence so it just feels good like all of the being at peace
opening up my vision things are coming in I think I’m in the right place I’m in
the right place in all senses literally figuratively spiritually so yeah all
right fam I’ll talk to you later goodbye mmm
baby does to you

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