What Are Your Greatest Strengths? – Top Sample Interview Answers

So you have a job interview coming up
and you want to do your very best so that you can get the ultimate job offer.
Today you’re going to learn how to answer one of the most popular interview
questions, “what are your greatest strengths?” and I’m also going to give you a
rundown why interviewers ask this question and what you can do to stand
out from all the others and stick around until the end so that
you can get some sample responses that you can use on your next job interview.
If we’ve never met before I’m Heather Austin from ProfessorAustin.com
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don’t miss a thing. Real quick, comment down below with what your biggest
question is when it comes to doing well in a job interview. Now before you can
answer any job interview question about your strengths, there’s a few things to
keep in mind. First, be prepared. This question might sound fairly easy but
it’s a little bit more complex than you think. The interviewer is asking this
question because they want to see if your strengths and accomplishments align
with the position. So you want to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. Revise
the answers I’m about to give to you to fit the position you are applying for.
The responses you learn today are a great starting point, however, you’ll want
to tailor them slightly to fit your needs. So let’s jump into it. Step
number one is to do your research. Before you can properly answer any interview
question, you need to find out everything you can about the position you are
applying for and the company you are applying with. Research the company’s
website. Review their LinkedIn page. Evaluate their activity on social media.
Read the most recent articles the company has published. Read articles that
have been published about the company. Doing this will help you find out what
problems the company is facing and will help you better tailor your interview
responses. Step number two, make a list. You want to review the job posting very
carefully and make a list of the qualifications, the experience and the
skills needed for the position. For example, you might find that the company
is looking for someone with analytical skills such as data analysis or critical
thinking or you might find that the company is looking for a leader and they
want skills and relationship building or someone that can provide constructive
feedback. Either way, you need to make a list of the most important
qualifications listed in the job posting and with this list completed you are now
ready to move on to step number three. Pinpoint your strengths. This is where
you’ll evaluate your career accomplishments as they relate to the
position. Next to each item on the list you made in step two, jot down a sentence
or two about how you match up with the skills the experience or the
qualification listed. Your sentence or sentences should detail specific ways
that you’ve excelled at these items. Through work, education or volunteer
experience, make sure the sentences that you jot down show some type of
quantifiable results. Step number four is to narrow it down. You won’t have time to
discuss all of your strengths. Pick just two or three that you can talk
about and put in a career story format. The better you can show how your
strengths relate to the position, the higher chances of you receiving a job offer and
if you’re interested I made a video all about questions that you can ask an
interviewer during your interview. I’ll go ahead and link it up in the YouTube
card right here and then I’ll also place it in the description below. So let’s
review some sample answers that you can give in your next interview to address
the question what are your greatest strengths. Here’s the first one. “My
greatest strength is my ability to lead and direct a team. As a marketing manager
at company XYZ, I worked closely with my team members to develop an
infrastructure that increased productivity by 20 percent in just a few
months. The systems we put in place were later implemented by other teams because
of the results that were achieved.” Okay here’s another sample answer. “I really
enjoy writing new and innovative content. In my previous position I had the
opportunity to compose content for our company’s website, employee training
manuals and press releases. In fact, I was recognized by senior management for
being able to quickly publish easy-to-follow
materials that produced results.” Hey and if you haven’t yet had the chance to see
the video that I made about how to answer the popular question “why do you
want to work here?” make sure you take a look at that one as well. I’ll go ahead
and link it up in the YouTube card and then I’ll provide a link in the
description below and if you’re not sure if your resume is up to par, make
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52 Replies to “What Are Your Greatest Strengths? – Top Sample Interview Answers”

  1. Hey guys! The "what are your strengths?" interview question sounds fairly simple, right? It's actually more complex to answer than most people think. Find out why in this video. Also, comment down below with what your greatest strength is?

  2. Great video, Heather! I love your advice tying the answer directly to the position one is applying for. A reverse strategy for the weakness question, where one might provide a weakness not directly related to the position applying for. 🙂

  3. Great video! #2 is really good. I noticed that they’ll sometimes pull a question directly from the description 😊. JCS.

  4. Good timing…my son has been doing interviews for chemical engineering jobs, had a few offers..even found Koch Industries via LinkedIn and has a phone interview with them next week..sending him with video..thanks!

  5. That example you shared at the very end is everything!! Thank you, I have an idea but that was eloquently put.

  6. Great advice, Heather. It comes back to finding out what the "prospect" i.e. the interviewer/company want before you go into the interview. Due diligence covers many aspects.

  7. What a great question What Are Your Greatest Strengths? These are excellent ways to answer. Thanks for sharing your Top Sample Interview Answers Heather. 🙋

  8. Excellent advice Heather! This question always stresses me out, but your advice gave me a clear roadmap to follow!

  9. Research is SOOOO important and soooo often missed… such a great 1st point and often overlooked. And I love how you say to match up your skills with theirs. Such wisdom. And a career story format. Love you. Love what you do.

    Okay.. I think for fun, I'm going to answer your question off the top of my head and see what comes up… here we go….. One of my greatest strengths is connection and my ability to zone into the desires of my students and get them to shine in what they love to do the most. In my previous position as a school teacher, I had the opportunity to gather the students from all of my classes during the dull months of February and form a program that related to them so much so and were so popular that not only did the students work hard on their own outside of class, but when they performed their finished product in front of the school, the principal was so impressed, that he came to me wondering what I did, because it drew 80% of the student body population into the gym at lunch time to watch it for over a full month period involving literally 80% of the whole school. He was impressed. I was too! Well, I had forgotten about that. Thank you for reminding me. Maybe one day I'll need it! Thanks … that ws fun! You are so awesome…and I think what you do… WORKS! That's even cooler! 🙂 ~Elizabeth xoxo

  10. Love the video Heather. Subscribed. Prepared is essential. I work for myself. Could you spin it from the perspective that I'm meeting to present a proposal. 🙂

  11. I love all your tips, Heather! Although I am not in the process of applying for a job, I pass your tips on to friends and family who find them very valuable. Thanks!

  12. I've always been a little nervous answering this question in interviews.. this advice makes it much simpler and will definitely give me more confidence in my upcoming interviews when I have to tell what my greatest strengths are. Thank you for this!!

  13. It is so crucial to relate your strengths to the job duties of your future job. I saw your comment on Sunny Lenarduzzi's video on the 7 YouTube hacks that work and thought to say hi and give your channel some love. Stop by one of my videos and say hi, especially if you like to get inspired, motivated or just want to laugh with me and my daughter. You are definitely invited. 😉

  14. Another channel said ask the recruiter at the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions…what issues is the company facing. So is it ok to ask them or no?

  15. These videos are more for corporate positions. Why don't you bring it a bit more down to earth for people who aren't corporate types?

  16. good morning ma'am

    when I was in On the Job Training (OJT), I was good at explaining what a client's problem was and responding to their questions, I was also good at explaining if I could be counted as a counter personnel, would it be counted in one of my strength? or not.
    and what is called this strength as a professional.
    thank you ma'am

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