What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses | Interview Questions and answers

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to another interview series video at Aasaanjobs. In the last video we
discussed a common interview question “Why should we hire you”. In case you
missed it the link is in the description Do click it and watch the video again. In
this video we are going to talk about another question “What are your strengths
and weaknesses” and this is a tricky one so let’s get started!! Let us begin by
first understanding why the recruiter has asked you this question and there
are mainly two reasons. The first one is to understand if you are even aware
about your strengths and weaknesses because let’s face it most of us have
never taken all the time to understand what our strengths are and what our
weaknesses are. The second reason is that in case you are hired the recruiter
needs to know what your strengths are so that they can play it to their advantage
and they also need to know what your weaknesses are so that they can help you
grow. Let us begin by first discussing strengths and before we do that let’s
get something off the table immediately. In any interview situation when you’ve
been asked about your strengths unless you’re a fresher you will never come up
with answers like “my strengths are that I’m a team player and enthusiastic I am
motivated” and any of that because frankly that won’t work with any
recruiter. What you actually need to be doing is the following, STEP 1: Go through
the Job Description, list down all the strengths that you think the recruiters
are looking for. STEP 2: is make a list of your strengths and see how all of those
strengths will actually be able to help you in this job. Now a good example of this
would be if you were applying for the role of content marketing at a company
and you were a good writer you need to tell the recruiter about that. That
becomes your strengths. Maybe you have some experience with writing before or
you might be running your own blog. Do mention all of that. Just remember that
when asked about your strengths you need to talk about things that the company
can use immediately or in the future while your career is progressing. Now
let’s talk about weaknesses. What a lot of people do in their interviews is they
try to somehow disguise strengths as a weakness. A very common example of this
is saying something like I tend to take too much work on myself and in the
process I lose my work life balance. Although this might come off as
a weakness but what you’re really trying to say is that you are a really
hardworking person who does not care about time and keeps working on and on
and it is very easy for recruiters to spot this answer and they know that it
was a well-prepared answer but frankly you’re not getting any points for it.
Another thing to keep in mind is that whatever you say your weaknesses are
should not be something that is required from you and this new job role
immediately. For example you can say something like I am NOT good at building
teams especially if you are applying for a mid-level role that does not really
require you to build teams so it becomes an acceptable weakness. You can also say
something like “In order to focus on the quality of my work I tend to miss out on
the deadlines”. Now what you need to keep in mind here is that say if you’re
applying for a marketing role which requires you to have better quality than
meeting your deadlines, it’s an acceptable weakness but again if you are
applying for an Operations role where your KRAs are more revolving around
meeting deadlines then you cannot say that that is one of your weaknesses. So
keep this in mind what you can do is have a rule of thumb that whatever you
say your weaknesses are should not be something that is required now but can
be required from you say five years down your career line. And with that we’ve
come to the end of this video I now hope you know how to tackle this question in
any interview scenario. We’ve also worked on a lot of other interview questions.
The links to all those videos are in the description below. Do check them out for
your interview preparation. If we added value to you in this video, do hit the
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36 Replies to “What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses | Interview Questions and answers”

  1. My strength is my postive attitude towards life and myself.
    Life doesn't remains same it changes every day so we must have the positive approach towards it.
    My weakness is that I take time to trust people.

  2. My strengths are I am optimistic in nature. I can easily adapt to any kind of changes in my work atmosphere. As I am a cool person, nothing can easily make me arrogant. I can handle any problem without loosing my cool. My weakness is as some staffs take advantage of my extremely good quality which is patience. At that time, I can be more strict without loosing my cool.

  3. Hi I m Sonamjeet Kaur. My Weaknesss & Strength :


    Poor awareness of my surroundings: My usual tendency while walking on the street is to think about something. This means that I paid more attention to my inner thoughts than my immediate surroundings and as a result I tend to miss out on the details around me. I do see the things around me, but I don't normally look closely enough on the details unless it is something I am interested in at the moment.

    Poor spatial observation and reflexes: I am bad at dealing with situations where everything around me is moving fast pace. For example, when playing a game of basketball, if someone passes the ball to me I take far longer time than most people to grasp the situation; where my teammates are and who I should pass the ball to.

    Shy in social situations: I tend to stay very quiet and cautious in unfamiliar social situation especially if I think that the people around me think differently than myself. I don't want to fake my opinion, but I’m also afraid that voicing my different view points might upset people unnecessarily. However with like-minded friends, I am sometimes pretty talkative.

    Poor ability to write in style: I am almost completely incapable of producing written work that are primarily descriptive in style. How people came up with poetic literary work is beyond me. It takes a lot of effort for me to write something expressive or aesthetic despite the fact that I was a good student in Art when I was younger. This is the case even with languages that I am more familiar with. I suspect the reason being having not being exposed enough to artistic literary works but I'm not entirely sure.


    Organized thought process and good reasoning ability: If the conclusion I derived from my reasoning is incorrect, usually it is not due to errors of deduction, more often it is due to issues of misinformation. For instance, I might be seeing the wrong things as a result of my poor observational skill; maybe I see the number 5 as 6 or the word deduce as reduce.

  4. Hats Off to you sir..
    For showing me these video
    Was Confused on my first Interview
    now aftr watching these video i got inspired and level of confidence increased..Thank uh sir for Inspiring Me and showing us all this video

  5. The important one what I was expecting and you displayed in that video..and described nicely .. I have been always in such situations and Ind myself so low..but never lost my heart.. Well ..it's not for me but also for everyone who should be aware of their strength and weaknesses 🙂

  6. Really Helped me Unserstanding What Actually strength and weakness Are. I use to take it in a wrong way as explained in video. Was worth watching

  7. Exploring in amazing way in transparent words.how to crack the interview now even novice ll also be a learned or Experienced after watching this

  8. It was very useful to me,now i understood properly,that how i have lost soo much interview,its a very helpful to know strength n weakness during interview.

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  10. Very informative video . Really help to understand the actual strength and weakness. It increase the level of confidence.

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  12. Fruitful information and must watch video that would definitely help to answer this question in best possible way…Thanks much for this info… It has helped me a lot as I used to always get stuck at what to say about my weakness.. but now I can confidently answer and crack the interviews

  13. This video is so good . I always used to struggle with this specific question in my interview.I used to shy away from listing m weaknesses in front of the Interviewer. But now I won't . The tips Aasaan Jobs has given about listing one's Strengths and Weakness are truely very useful and practical.

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