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Hello, hello, hello, my friends! Kaitlyn here! And do you know what your strengths are? Um…eating an entire pizza in one sitting? Mmmmm…no. (INTRO MUSIC) So I had the really cool opportunity to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder through my work to learn more about my strengths and how to utilize them in the workplace and in my life. I love personality tests. I love getting to find out more about myself. Usually it doesn’t tell me anything that I don’t necessarily already know, but sometimes it gives me insights into how different parts of my personality connect with one another. And it kind of makes me feel wise because I’m like, “I understand a deep part of myself.” So while I’ve done things like Myers Briggs, I’ve never done the Clifton StrengthsFinder, hadn’t even heard about it before this and so I wanted to share with you guys what I found out about myself and you know, talk about strengths in general. So the way this test works is you answer a whole lot of questions. Oh my gosh, there were so many. It takes like 30 minutes to do. One option or another option and then you kind of rate which one you’re more like so it’s a scale it’s not like, yes or no. But it’s like, “I am more like this option or I’m more like this option.” And those options are not always like polar opposites sometimes I was like, “I would rather not do both of those things.” But the cool goal as with many other personality tests is to kind of pick what you’re gut says immediately. And then once you’ve answered the bazillion questions, what it does is there’s a huge list of different types of strengths and then it gives you your top 5. And those are considered your “Signature Themes” or they are your strengths that you are the most strong in. What’s cool and important about this is that by giving you these 5 strengths in a specific order so like #1 is what you are the most strong in and it goes down a little bit through those 5. Your combination of those Signature Themes and the order in which they are, is very unique to you. Apparently, it’s like 1 in 33 million people actually have the same 5 Signature Themes in the same order, so it makes you feel like, “Oh I am a unique person.” So the goal here is learn about what your strengths are and then to lead from those strengths in your life, in your job, the presentation that I went on was really about how like most people, like a quarter of the people in the workforce hate their job. Which is really sad. So the idea is that if you are leading from your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses, then you will actually lead a happier life. Now, it’s funny because the first thing that I thought after taking this test and seeing what my strengths are, and I was like, “Yeah these things make sense. But what are my weaknesses?” I need to know those so that I can improve them. But this test doesn’t tell you what your weaknesses are because it wants you to focus on the positive. So what are your strengths, Kaitlyn? Bum badadaaaaah! My #1 strength is Individualization. And it says people especially talented in the individualization theme are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person, they have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively. And I was like, that is really true and actually that is the one kind of quality that I had never had pointed out on any sort of personality test before, but is something that I, I’m the type of person that not necessarily like the “leader” of a team, but I’m the person kind of like, assisting the leader to make sure that everything runs really well. Like I’m a great assistant director on like a film set. And it’s because I find people really interesting. I’m not really a “people person” like I’m not the type of person who wants to like talk to everybody, but I love like listening to them um, and figuring them out. And observing them. My #2 strength is Achiever, and yes, that’s very obvious. So people especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina, and work hard, they take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. Yes, I just, I don’t even know how to not be busy or productive. Like I like the idea of not being busy, but as soon as I’m not, I get really bored and I’m like, “I’m not doing anything with my life!” The problem with this is that you can have too much of a good thing. So being an Achiever means that you can kind of go into overdrive and stop sleeping or eating and I very much know what that was like in high school and a little bit in college, so I’ve sort of learned how to not go there, hopefully. Although, I think that’s kind of where my panic attacks sometimes come from. It’s because, my Achiever strength is like, “Ahhh! I need to be super achieving!” So yeah, that’s a problem sometimes. My 3rd strength is Discipline, and that says people especially talented in the discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create. One of the things that described people with a Discpline theme doing is making lists. And lots of lists. And that is so true for me. I don’t just make a daily list, I make a list for my personal stuff, and my work stuff, everyday. I make a list for the week. I make a list for the weekend. I make a list for the month. Sometimes, I make a list for sort of like, a special set of days. Um, the year as a whole, you know me with my goals so… I’m a list person. I like having extreme structure. Because I love crossing off things off my list. And I think that kind of is going back to my Achiever mentality. My 4th strength is Intellection. And that says people especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They’re introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. This one’s the only one that feels a little pretentious. Like, “Yes! I like having smart discussions!” But I think being introspective is very true. I definitely think a lot, and I tend to think before I speak, at least I try to. And so for me, that means I want to have kind of meaningful thoughtful conversations vs let’s just talk about the weather. Or you know, Justin Bieber or something like that. Unless it’s like, “Oh, well how does Justin Bieber affect the culture?” So yeah, that’s. I, yeah, I guess I can see that. And my 5th strength is Strategic. So people especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relavent patterns and issues. And yeah, oh yeah. I’m a pattern person, an order person. I love puzzles. Um, and I am not the person who will just be like all right this is the way we have to go, I’m more, like, “Well, what are the options here?” And I try to figure out all the options before deciding which way to proceed. So yeah! I am definitely very in my head and organized and productive. And that’s really what this has kind of told me. I did already know that though but it was kind of cool to have like, words or themes put to what those strengths were, and really like, push up the top 5. It’s been really good to think about what my strengths and how I can boost those and work within those rather than focusing on my weaknesses which is what I tend to do. Maybe that’s my Achiever aspect, is that I get, can get caught up in what I’ve done wrong in the past, or what I’m doing wrong. And how I can make those better. And while that’s important, it really does make sense to work from your strengths, it’s like these are what you’re really good at. Boosting where you’re strong in already and then finding other people to work with who are strong where you are weak. So collaboration is key, whether it’s in your workplace or at school or even within your friend group. So I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about me and my strengths. And I would love to know if you’ve taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder and what you’re Signature Themes are so tell me those down in the comments. Or even if you haven’t taken it, just tell me what you think your strengths are? Put it all down in those comments! And let’s talk about our Strengths! sPlus remember to like, favorite, share, and subscribe if this video made you smile! See you guys on Thursday! (OUTRO MUSIC)

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  1. hey kaitlyn i have a question and can you make a video about this is getting back with your ex a bad thing I'm wondering so ik what to do my ex still likes me and I want to know if it's okay to date him again

  2. Actiavtor • Ideation • Responsability • Adaptability • Learner – Awesome video, I really like how you see your strengths within yourself 👐👐👐

  3. Hi Kaitlyn, just happened upon your video… Awesome. I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach (Home of StrengthFinder). Fantastic explanation of the StrengthFinder assessment for someone who has not taken it yet…. If ok I plan on sending this link to folks interested in taking the assessment to learn more about it… (btw – INFJ and Strategic, Achiever, Individualization, Learner and Competition) Thank you! Jim

  4. Thanks for sharing your video, I was encouraged to take this test by my mother a few years ago and I put it off for a long time, but when I finally did, it was really impactful. It reframed a behaviors in a positive light that before people had only ever called weaknesses, and illuminated parts of myself that I didn't even know had a name.

    Mine are:
    1.Context (learning from the past and people's anecdotes)
    2.Futuristic (Envisioning the future)
    3.Learner (curious and love to acquire new skills and info, esp. in relevance to other interests)
    4. Maximizer (building on strengths to become even better, to help others do this and myself)
    5. Ideation (100 million idea a day, esp when I come into contact w/ other people who want to brainstorm their area of interest.)

    I'm such a fan on this assessment now, I really want everyone I know to take it. I want to find a strategist to work with, because I am so cerebral I need actioners who can develop step-by-step plans for my grandiose visions and another set of people with the skills to put them into play.

  5. I took a free version of the test🤔
    I'm an Empathizer, Brainstormer, Selfbeliever, Believer and a Thinker☺

  6. Seventy years ago a semi literate village lad with zero English speaking came to town on a buggy cart – with a few cents in his pocket – ended a billionaire employing some of the most qualified professionals in the world – this is predestined – the amount of right decisions that he had to make on a daily basis on the path to become a billionaire must have been mind bending – the odds of him becoming a billionaire almost non existent

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