“What Are Your Strengths?” INTERVIEW QUESTION (7 ANSWERS!)

Hi there, everybody. Welcome to this next video tutorial which
is based on “What Are Your Strengths?” interview question. I’m actually gonna give you seven sample answers
to choose from, so if you’ve got an interview coming up, stick around because you want to
gonna take in this information. So welcome to this tutorial. My name is Richard McMunn. I’ve been helping people like you for about
20 years now to successfully pass your interviews. And in this particular video, I’m gonna teach
you how to answer the interview question, “What Are Your Strengths?” I’m actually gonna give you the slides to
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what strength to say in your interview to get the top marks. Okay? So I’ll tell you what strength to say if you
just put it in the comment section below say, I’ve got an admin assistant interview, I’ve
got a bankers interview coming up, whatever the interview is, tell me and I’ll tell you
what strength to use so you get the top marks in this question. Okay. Three really important tips before I give
you those seven sample answers to the interview question, “What Are Your Strengths?” The first one, tip number one, make sure you
take the strengths from the job description. Now, every job that’s advertised and every
job that people are interviewed for, there is a job description. I’ll give you an example in a second. But this is the easiest way to score highly
during this interview question, “What Are Your Strengths?” So if you think about it for a second, if
the employer is looking for someone who is able to say for example, work effectively
under pressure, then it makes sense to tell them that this is one of your key strengths. So if we look at a sample job description,
the responsibilities, and this is just a sample. So it says, you have to answer and direct
phone calls. You have to organize and schedule appointments. You have to plan meetings and take detailed
minutes. And you have to write and distribute email
correspondence, memos, letters, faxes and forms etc. Then all you need to do is to look at the
job description and take the strengths from there. So here’s an example of one of the strengths
based around organizing and scheduling appointments. So I would say, “Well, one of my key strengths
is an ability to organize and schedule appointments effectively which demonstrates my ability
to multitask. I can be relied upon to never make any mistakes
or double-book appointments.” And don’t forget, you’re gonna get these slides. I’ll tell you where you can download them
from so you can then use these sample responses. Another one based on the job description,
planning meetings and taking detailed minutes. “Another key strength is my experience in
taking concise and accurate minutes during meetings. In my previous job, I was required to plan
my manager’s forthcoming meetings, set the agenda notes, process invites, and also take
minutes during the meeting.” Okay. Tip number two, this is a really good one
and it’s great for not just this interview question, but for all of them. Make sure you use power words in your response. What do I mean by this? Well, power words are essentially positive
words that will resonate with the interview panel and make them feel good about you and
your skills. So sample ones to use, power words in your
response. So things like, I’m enthusiastic, I’m motivated,
I’m a supportive team member, I’m resilient in all situations. I’m resourceful, I’m flexible, mindful, I’m
hardworking, and I’m committed, focused, confident, and reflective. Now, of course, you don’t have to use all
of these words but use a number of them because when you tell the interview panel that these
are the skills and attributes you have, then that will resonate in a positive manner with
them. So here’s an example of me using some power
words in a response. “My strengths include an ability to work effectively
as part of a team, being supportive of other team members, being able to focus on the task
in hand, carrying out my work competently and diligently, and also being enthusiastic
and motivated about each task.” So you’re using a number of power words in
that response and you can use that if you want for your key strengths. That one there covers absolutely any kind
of job whatsoever and would be a great response to the interview question, “What Are Your
Strengths?” Okay. Tip number three, provide evidence of your
key strength. So, anybody can say, I’m great at being able
to work under pressure, but backing it up with evidence is a different thing altogether. But this will gain you more marks in the interview. So, here’s an example response of providing
evidence. “I am highly effective at being able to work
under pressure. For example, in my previous job, I was given
three time-sensitive tasks to complete each week. If I failed to deliver on each task, the company
suffered, so I learned to multitask effectively and plan my working day to ensure each task
was completed on time and to the correct standard.” So again, I’m gonna tell you where you can
get these slides in a second and you can download these and pick which one you wanna choose
for your interview. Okay. So let me now move on and give you seven sample
answers to use for the interview question, “What Are Your Strengths?” Let’s go. Okay. first one, number one, “I have a number
of key strengths that I feel would benefit this role, however, I feel my strongest quality
is my ability to provide exceptional customer service at all times. In my previous job, I used to go out of my
way to provide excellent customer service and care as I felt this was important for
our company to continue to lead the market in its niche. The only way this could be achieved was through
outstanding customer care.” So that strength would be great for any kind
of job where you have to deliver great customer care. Let’s have a look at the second one, the second
sample answer. “I have a number of key strengths that I feel
will suit this role, these include being a supportive team member, someone who completes
every task diligently and professionally, someone who always puts the customer first,
and also having an ability to carry out a number of ongoing tasks at any one time. I feel my skills, qualities, and attributes
are a very strong match for the job description and I feel given the chance, I would be a
valuable asset to your team.” That is a great one that covers any kind of
job whatsoever. So that’s the second response. Let’s move on to the third response, the third
sample answer. “One of my strengths is an ability to reflect
on my own performance and therefore continually improve as an employee. In my last role, I wanted to improve the way
I dealt with our customers and so I decided to enroll on a distance learning course that
would help me to understand the needs of our customers, whilst delivering outstanding customer
care. Following the completion of the course, my
manager noted how he had seen an improvement in my performance at work.” So that’s a good one if you want to demonstrate
that you were able to reflect on your own performance and volunteer to take self development
cause courses to help the company improve and develop. Okay. Number four. As you’ll see, there’s certainly, at least
one that you can use here during your interview. “I believe I am a highly effective communicator
both in writing and also when dealing with customers and clients face to face and also
in meetings. For example, in my last role, the majority
of clients and customers would contact me first when they needed something sorting out. I always listen to the customer or clients
issues or concerns and I set about resolving them as soon as possible.” Again, that’s a good one where you have to
deal face to face with clients and customers. Number five, sample answer. “One of my key strengths is an ability to
multitask whilst working under pressure and to strict timescales. For example, in my previous job, I was praised
in my latest appraisal for my ability to take on multiple jobs all at once, whilst delivering
on set targets each month. Another one of my strengths is an ability
to stay positive and enthusiastic in all situations. And even if things are going wrong, I will
always look for the positive.” Sample answer number six. “In addition to being a great team worker,
communicator, and multitasker, I’m also highly competent at delivering projects for my managers. In my last role, I was given three important
projects to complete within the last six months. My manager felt I was very good at project
management and I think he used to use my skills in this area because he always knew I would
deliver on time and to specification.” Another one, question seven, you’re gonna
get the slides very soon. Here’s the next one. “One of my key strengths is an ability to
operate under strict rules and guidelines, whilst also following safety procedures and
my training. I understand how important it is within the
job I am being interviewed for today to act in accordance with operating procedures. If I do not then something could go wrong
or somebody could get injured.” So that’s great for any kind of engineering
job or a job where you have to follow strict rules and procedures. Okay. To get the slides, all you need to do is click
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you which strength to use. Thank you very much for watching and all the

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