What could the future of digital healthcare look like for a consumer?

Kiaora, I’m Nikau and I’ve just been diagnosed
with Type One Diabetes. My doctor thinks this is a really big deal,
but I’m not too worried cos I’ve got all these cool technologies to help me out. I’ve got a device in my arm that’s always
checking my blood sugar levels and giving me insulin as I need it. If the levels drop, my AI assistant Andy tells
me he’s adjusting the levels and reminds me what to eat. I can see all my readings in this sweet app
on my smartphone, along with all my other medical info. It really helps me understand how I manage
my diabetes and it’s good to know my doctors and nurses can see it too cos I live pretty
far away from a hospital. I can even check who’s been looking at my
info online. Yesterday I had a virtual appointment with
my specialist. She said her AI assistant had been checking
me out online and I’m doing real well so far, but I need to stop smoking. Its pretty hard to hide things from your doctor
these days!

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