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  1. Lol two things did you guys see her tattoo, and also I'm normal weight, about 125 pounds 5'9 and I'm thirteen but I work out a lot. How do I lose the extra fat that I have?

  2. Well i don't do sports and i eat every shit u can imagine it's really weird i dont gain weight pff 😀 1m72 68 kg..

  3. Im skinny i eat junk food, i eat whatever i want, i eat alot of food no matter what im eating. My diet is to eat whatever i want. What have we learned in this society no to eat like this. I guess im a rebellion….

  4. i'm skinny but if i eat whatever i want it doesn't stay that way. two to three days without controlled eating and i gain anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds. metabolism's differ. and mine sucks.

  5. You would be a rebel not a rebellion but that's beside the point. You are most likely young(14- 24) and have been skinny most or all of your life. This shows you have a high metabolism. Good for you, but it won't last forever. Many people who are skinny throughout their lives tend to gain weight as the gain years,due to their slowing metabolism.. If you stick with your diet of junk food and unhealthy eating habits, i'm sorry to say, but you will get fat. Changing it will help you in the future.

  6. I'm naturally skinny & always have been up to date, all i eat is junk food & i don't gain weight ._. I don't do it on purpose to stay thin lol

  7. Hey im telling you smth im 180cm and i Weight 63kg im skinny i know im eating everyday 5times 3x Hot (Pizza,KFC everything) 2xcold (vegetables and bread or conflakes) i was exercising but nothing happend now im chilling eatin every shit im Still on 63kg nothing is Happening ! So eat what you want

  8. Hello there, have you heard of BellyFATtack ? Just look on Google. On there you can get a practical free video presentation by a respected certified dietitian revealing the best way to reduce unwanted fat. It helped Toni to reduce his abdominal fat. Hopefully it helps you also.

  9. people dont know that most people who are skinny mostly exercise or are involved in activities. what worked for me was exercise alone Dieting did not work at all for me, than I remember that i was active when I was a skinny kid, started running and playing soccer and low and behold I am skinny again, no diet was needed

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