What If You Had the Strength of a Superhero?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… you. If you were just three times stronger
than the world’s strongest person, you could lift a compact car. This is ‘What If,’ and here’s what would happen
if you had the strength of a superhero. You might not have
washboard abs or buns of steel, but you’re a lot stronger than you think. Research shows that even
during maximal exercise, the average human only
uses about 60% of their total strength. Rigorous training enables professional
athletes to tap into 80% of their strength. Your brain is the governor of your body.
It’s designed to keep you alive. Your brain sends pain through
your body when you exert yourself, as a signal to not push yourself too far. Because if you could muster
100% of your strength, 100% of the time, you’d tear your muscles
and break your bones. In fact, you might not even
survive using your full strength. Why else do you think
they call it a deadlift? The world record for
deadlifting is 524 kg (1,155 lbs). And in extreme circumstances, ordinary people have hoisted cars
to save someone trapped underneath. First of all, your body would
have to change drastically. Your bones and your muscles
would need to be a lot more dense to accommodate your strength. And your bodily systems would
have to change as well. One perk is that
you’d get to eat more! Healthily, that is. Superhuman strength is
powered by superhuman energy. And your body gets energy by breaking down food into glucose,
and releasing it into the bloodstream. So your metabolism
would be a lot higher. A full menu might easily be an entree, but you would have to
make smart choices to give your body the proper nutrients
to fuel itself for the day. Pro tip: bananas are an excellent source of
carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6. You can rely on them to
boost your energy whether you’re fighting crime,
or falling asleep at work. Think about it. Everything we interact with
is designed for humans. Sorry, but, you’re superhuman. With your strength,
door handles would rip right off, coffee mugs and wine glasses
would shatter in your hand. And it wouldn’t just be floors
crumbling under your feet, but likely earth and concrete as well. Since you’d be exerting
a lot more force over the same area
occupied by a normal human, it would be hard, if not impossible, to interact with any object in
our world without destroying it. You’d need special clothes
and special shoes, but any attempt to pay for them
with paper money would result in its shredding
at your touch. And, that’s ignoring the
even bigger question which bank is going
to let someone in who could open the vault
with their index finger? The other major thing
to consider is pressure. Superhero movies tend to overlook this,
but if they were real, something like this
could never happen. Once you have
superhuman strength, hopefully, you’d remember that pressure
is equal to force over area. And then, maybe, you’ll look down
at the palms of your hands, and realize that you’ve got a lot of
force distributed over not a lot of area. So what would really happen here? Due to the tremendous force,
being exerted over such a small area, the pressure would be so great, that Superman would actually end up
going right through the airplane. Not exactly the kind of rescue
you were hoping for, is it? Superhuman strength isn’t
all that it’s cut out to be. Yeah, you might look cool,
but life on Earth would be very difficult, and you’d end up doing
more harm than good. Want big biceps and toned calves? Go to the gym, lift some weights,
eat well, and stay in shape. But whether you call yourself brainy,
brawny, or just plain average, remember that you’re a lot
stronger than you think you are, and that you can always
be a hero just as you are.

37 Replies to “What If You Had the Strength of a Superhero?”

  1. I like where you head is at but Superman has telekinesis that wraps around anything he touches. Therefor allowing him not to fly straight through the plane.

  2. I'm 5 foot 10 and weagh 427 pounds and can lift more than my body weight my most popular video on my channel is of me bending iron with my head , you can check it out for your self .

  3. I will carry my on my life , but lift 900pounds overheadpress, 1300 pounds bench , 2000 pounds squats and 2500 pounds deadlifts..

  4. what if superman would match the speed of the falling plane and then making contact with it, then proceeding to slowly accelerate on its direction reducing the plane's speed. would't that be "safe"?

  5. Thats whyyou control your strength just like how i can pick up a cup shaped cup without crinkling it or i can pick up up destroying it

  6. So what you’re saying is I can access 100% of my strength but it would destroy my body, if so how can i harness the ability to change my physical life to super saiyan state

  7. Record of deadlift is 500 kg deepshit. You used wrong calculator to convert it from lbs. The day someone can do 501 kg, it will be all over news. Talking about 524. Correct it.

  8. Cool video, but I disagree with one point, the inability to safely interact with environment around us if we had super strength. Now, I will approach this from two different points of view: if we had normal strength all our life and then suddenly developed super strength, and if we were born with super strength. One of the major benefits humans have that I feel most people forget about when talking about this is adaptability. Here's why I think this is very important for super strength. How it applies to super strength is it would give us the ability to learn how to interact with our environment without destroying it. Now, if we had normal strength first, then we would probably break things till we learned how to use our new strength. If we were born with it, then we would have been learning as we go. Let me put it this way. As stated in the video (but put into my own words), strength is the application of force through the expenditure of energy. As maximum available force (strength) increases, it would be necessary to figure out how much energy would be required to achieve a certain level of force. Once we figure it out, the breaking would stop… or at least be reduced. There are other considerations that I don't really feel like going into right now, like how does the super strength work? Is it simply our muscles capable of sustaining a much higher level of energy, thus exerting more force? Or are they simply more efficient and able to exert more force for the same level of energy? This is already too long, so I will stop there.

  9. ahh finally someone agree with me, i always wonder why superman don't go through the plane. Like how can he just stop the plane without a sweat. Saving plane is out of question i mean if superman even try to hold a wing or any part of plane it will simply snap.

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