What Inspired You to Become a Gynecological Oncologist?

Like most physicians depending upon what they
into, it’s a long answer and it is kind of complicated and one that develops over time.
Myself in a specific or unique fashion is I went to medical school, went to residency,
United States Navy actually paid for medical school for me, so I went and I did general
OB-GYN for four years before making the decision to go back and do GYN oncology. For me individually
it was a decision to go back in fellowship, which honestly was not a very easy one. Had
three kids at that time, was getting a little bit older in age, and getting kind of settled
down and after two to three years of working as a general OB-GYN, I really missed two important
things that inspired me to go back and do the extra training. For me it came down to
two things, I really missed taking care of people that needed me or were over sick and
I know that sounds strange, but my personality individually I enjoy taking care of people
that really needed my help and in general OB-GYN I felt like I missed a little bit of
that. I really helped taking care of the people that really needed my expertise and look to
the medical profession to really help them get out of the dire situation, so I missed
that and I get that from GYN oncology. Secondly, I very much enjoyed surgery. That was the
most enjoyable part of my job when I did OB-GYN but I just did not feel like I got enough
of that and like everyone in life, we have strengths and we all have weaknesses and we
have desires and we have dislikes and for me things that I really enjoy were doing a
lot of surgery and taking care of people that really needed me and for me it was an natural
move to GYN oncology. It was not easy going back to school and working longer for less
money for three years, but it is one that I have been very very happy I made. In fact
my wife helped me make it because it was those years of doing general OB-GYN became hard
for me. It was something that I really just was passionate about and so after going back
to doing fellowship, certainly I found a role or a profession that I am very passionate
about and enjoy everyday.

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  1. No matter how much the guy tries to dress it up… I think we all know why he wanted to be a male gynecologist.

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