What is a graphene supercapacitor?

A supercapacitor is a device that stores
energy that can be rapidly charged and discharged this makes it distinctly
different from a battery which takes much longer graphene is an ideal material to
incorporate into supercapacitors due to its remarkable conductivity its high
surface area mechanical robustness and even
flexibility this allows us to create devices that have an increased
efficiency and a much cheaper there are a wide range of possible applications
for graphene supercapacitors ranging from portable electronics such as mobile
phones where you can envisage a flexible and rapidly charging phone that takes seconds
instead of hours to electric vehicles were super capacitors could dramatically
increase the efficiency and even electricity distribution

9 Replies to “What is a graphene supercapacitor?”

  1. I want to make an exotic electric car with graphene super-capacitors. Anyone who sells them, please give me a reply. Thank you

  2. they are just stating those basic things graphene can do not stating how graphene can do much more than other materials. wtf. say it loud man! show the world how graphene can change this stupid world hundred times farther than people expected! lol

  3. ill tell you what, twist the atom layer thick of graphene into a double helix and observe the creation of new life. 😉

  4. Why are you talking like this is a thing that exists?
    Probably, you ought to mention that they aren't actually a thing yet.

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