What is diastasis recti? – Linda Katz, MD – Obstetrics and Gynecology

– Diastasis recti is, if you look at men or
women who are bodybuilders, you’ll see that they have that six pack, that very ripped abdominal wall muscle. But basically, the abdominal
wall are two separate muscles, a right and a left, just like curtains. And pregnancy sometime causes
the curtains to separate. So that separation of the
muscle of the abdominal wall is called a diastasis recti. You can tell because if
you do an abdominal crunch, you’ll see in that midline,
there’s a separation. And that happens, again, with big babies, moms having their third or fourth babies, twins, we see it more often. Often, it resolves after the baby’s born, and if not, there are
surgeries that can be done to, it’s almost like a hernia. So there are surgeries that can be done to fix the diastasis.

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