What is Maintenance of Certification? – American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

(Upbeat Music) It is a way in which we keep up on our skills A way for us to make sure that we are keeping up with the
latest and best innovative information that’s coming
out, and to make sure that we’re at the top of
our specialty and our craft so that we don’t fall behind, and that we’re most up-to-date and we can deliver the best care to our patients. Beforehand, physicians were reliant on their
own motivation, their own criteria of what they thought was
required for staying up-to-date and being safe with their care with patients. So, with Maintenance of Certification, now
it’s a requirement, and it helps physicians to be reading and
staying up-to-date on what is pertinent and keeping patients
safe. I’m familiar with some of the other specialties and how they maintain board certification, and I really think the American Board of OB
GYN is a leader in this domain. It’s a multi-phase process, it’s a multi-step
process, but I think that all the components are complimentary and it’s ensuring that the lives of women
are protected. We’ve got some of the smartest and best doctors in the country coming together and saying “This is what we think that has been published in literature recently that is really important, that every OB GYN should know.” I think it allows you the opportunity to keep
up with the latest information and the best clinical
practices in your field. It provides you with the opportunity to communicate to your patients that you’re staying on top
of the latest treatments that can only benefit them and their health. (Upbeat Music)

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