What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing Care is a form of
payment funding for some people who have I think they call it complex and
enduring needs that perhaps can’t be looked after in any nursing home that
perhaps have more complex needs that needs specialist intervention, specialist
care, that sort of thing. And I began to think that my dad had quite complex
needs perhaps the NHS continuing care might help us and he might be eligible
for it. I raised that on the ward and two nurses filled in forms – which seemed to
be just quite long forms that they asked me to help with. But the forms were very
rigid they were there a sort of template and I couldn’t seem to get my father’s
complex needs or what happened to him into the boundaries of this form. So
anyway, basically, I think they sent them off to the team (the NHS continuing care
team that I didn’t see at that point) and he didn’t get the funding. We had to carry
on looking for a nursing home that we’d have to pay for.

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