What is Personal Power? – Andrew Carnegie

Personal power is acquired through a combination
of individual traits and habits, some of which will be explained in greater detail as we
come to the other sixteen principles of achievement. Briefly, the ten qualities of personal power
(which we call the ten-point rule of personal power) are these: The habit of definiteness of purpose
Promptness of decision Soundness of character (intentional honesty)
Strict discipline over one’s emotions Obsessional desire to render useful service
Thorough knowledge of one’s occupation Tolerance on all subjects
Loyalty to one’s personal associates and faith in a Supreme Being
Enduring thirst for knowledge Alertness of imagination You will observe that this ten-point rule
embraces only the traits which anyone may develop. You will observe, also, that these traits
lead to the development of a form of personal power which can be used without “violating
the rights of others.” That is the only form of personal power anyone
can afford to wield.

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