What Is Value-Based Health Care?

[Music] Value-based healthcare at its roots understands that not all healthcare is created equally.
What we’re trying to do was find ways where we can increase quality and decrease cost. What we’re trying to do with Coordinate and deliver services really on a whole person level. We’re trying to
take a look at the person the family unit the delivery system and make sure the
care is coordinated so that the patient receives the best
in care; its the morally and ethically right thing to do, but it’s also the only way were ever going to balance our budget. First of all describing value-based healthcare in one sentence is a challenge, but let me first just make couple comments about
the words of value-based healthcare. What comes
to mind is both holistic so big and molecular small. So you know
value-based healthcare from my perspective is an approach to valueing health that is intrinsic, is integral to the organization. It permeates
the organization. It influences how the organization takes a
look at health and so it takes a look at
health from a design perspective from wellness per perspective from risk
management perspective. It just takes a look at the whole
picture of health. Oh, I’m passionate about the value-based healthcare. I really believe
that the delivery system needs to be improved in
terms of quality the delivery of services. We’ve done a
lot with health care reform but it’s been insurance reform. We’ve given access to a fundamentally broken system where we now have to do is align incentives so that the delivery system is incented to work for our membership,
on behalf of our membership to coordinate. We don’t need to pay on a
piecemeal basis any longer, what we need to do pay for outcomes. We need to pay for
health, not simply services provided. I believe in value-based health care because it is the only way that will
simultaneously promote and improve health . . . for people in an organization but also
help reduce costs. There’s a a direct correlation in my opinion between quality have health and life and corresponding low cost and that
might seem counterintuitive but it’s exactly the opposite. The more you
value health and promote it in an organization the less cost you
have to provide to caring for your employees and their
families Well I think value-based healthcare is
really the only way we’re going to balance the budget in balancing the budget really leaves to I think a way that we can start to incent folks towards
moving to better health. The goal we should
all have is simply expressed “sudden death in overtime.” That is we
want to live well and we don’t want to die in a chronic disease state, and so when we take care of ourselves we end up meeting that goal, “sudden death in overtime.” And we don’t have long periods and disability that end up really impairing the
quality of our lives later in life. Value-based health care can help
organizations by both reducing costs and improving
health and of course with improved health comes improved productivity, improved
presenteeism so people are actually more conscientious about the work that
they’re doing, more present for doing that work so the big picture is that it helps
financially for organizations but I think more
importantly it promotes the health of employees and retirees and their

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