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What is my biggest pet peeve?
Probably men that… that manscape on the subways. Producer:
“Manscaping is when they wax!” Biggest pet peeve?
Well, you’re waiting on line for 20 minutes to order something – the person in
front of you then starts looking at the menu and it’s – uh, duh? You had 20 minutes
to make a decision, and you wait? “Um, uh….” “Oh oh!”
“No soup for you!” The one that comes to mind is women
wearing high heels with ankle socks. I don’t like people who barge
in front of me on the subway. I hate those little sticky things you get
on fruit so that you have to peel it off, and if you get it wet,
it’s impossible to peel. Gah! My biggest pet peeve is seeing
people text while they drive. That really ticks me off, because it
causes so many accidents. People can lose their lives,
and it’s just so dangerous. Calling for some consumer help
and having the phone answered by someone who hasn’t been trained,
and so I ask for a supervisor, please – “Oh, the supervisor will say exactly what
I’ve said, so there’s no–” and I say, “is there a supervisor?” All the airlines who have seats that
get smaller and smaller. Cell phones. People on their cell phones
and texting and taking the whole sidewalk up, and when they
bump into you – oh, it’s your fault. The woman who lives in my
building who lets her dog go on the street and
doesn’t pick it up. When people bring on these big backpacks on
the subway and squish against me. I don’t like it. People who make noise
when they chew. My biggest pet peeve is stupidity. An un-air-conditioned elevator.
With too many people in it. The never-ending political show that we’re in
the middle of in this country. It’s awful, give us a break already. People who lie constantly.
They can’t be trusted. People who always whine and cry – this aches, this
hurts, oh, I can’t go out, I don’t feel good… Move on. Having moved from San Francisco
to New York almost two years ago, I don’t understand why New York
drivers honk incessantly. I don’t know what they think
they’re going to accomplish. People that criticize other
people all the time. Anybody in the line behind them, in front
of them – they’re constantly criticizing something about that person instead
of embracing the good parts. In today’s world, my pet peeve is
people not being nice to each other. That really burns me up.

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