What Is Your Biggest Strength? How To Answer This Job Interview Question.

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m James Ball, Founder
of The Interview Academy, and welcome to my series on how to answer the most common interview questions that you’re ever likely to face. Today’s question is, what
is your biggest strength? Now everybody expects to get asked what your biggest weakness
is in the interview, but not many expect to be asked what their biggest strength is. So take a moment and think about it. What are you best at doing? Now there might not be one shining thing that instantly comes to mind, but initially write down
everything that you can think of. Now grab hold of the job specification for the role that you are applying for, and match your strengths with
the company’s requirements. Look over your list that you made earlier, and try and work out
if there’s one strength which aligns closest to the company’s biggest desire on the job spec. Now this task might not
necessarily be straight forward. You’re going to have to decipher what the company is really looking for. To do this it’s a really
good idea to build a list of what you think are the most desired skills and strengths from the job spec. From that, prioritize and rank each of the company’s
desirable skills and strengths, and match them to your own. Once you’ve done both of those tasks, you should have the basis for your answer. When you’ve got your answer,
you now have to prove it. What evidence have you got
to back up your claims? What experiences, skills,
training, or results can you demonstrate with your answer? Over any other interview
question you get asked, you need to be able to prove yourself and why someone should
pick you to work for them over everybody else. For example, if your biggest strength lies in people management, start with explaining a
bit of the back story. Do you currently work with
a small or a big team? Are there a wide range
of backgrounds, ages, and seniorities within that team? What do you do that makes everyone enjoy or at least respect working with you? Then what you have to do is state some facts that go with that. Maybe a number of employees have asked to transfer to your team in the last year because people respect your leadership. Or perhaps you’ve impressed
your senior managers so much when you were managing one team that they’ve now added two
more teams to your remit. Has your company seen an upsurge in sales since you took on the management position? Stats and facts work a lot better than just saying something
random and hoping that it sticks. One last thing. Keep in mind that your
strength, your key strength, has to be relevant to the job. You should have worked out exactly what your interviewer wants
in the job specifications, so make sure that your
strengths will actually be something that they are looking for. There’s absolutely no point in saying you’re a brilliant administrator when you’re applying to be a sales person. Although I know that
sounds really obvious, you’d be surprised at how many
people get this really wrong. So to recap, make a list
of all of your strengths, marry them up to the job specs
desired skills and strengths, and pick your best strength
which most closely aligns to what the company is looking for. Okay, that’s it. If you want full details on how to answer this question
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