What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Errol Moore Shares His Meal 1

so for breakfast I do 250 milligrams of
egg whites and then 2 whole eggs and then do 150 grams of cream of rice 30
grams of blueberries now I don’t use the liquid egg whites cause
once again because my trainer likes me to crack each egg and you know I
don’t really trust the carton egg whites as well so I just crack them I
know it’s a hassle but so cream of rice is 150 grams so try
to get right on the nail a little bit over if it was a pre-contest I’d definitely
would’ve turn that down but off season I’ll be a little lackadaisical with it then
30 grams of blueberries water in there throw it in the microwave food is actually a the driving
force behind it um you get enough nutrition you can also train longer keep
the muscles full recover better and mostly it’s just recover make sure you’re
feeding your body and make sure body doesn’t go into a catabolic state so I
know a lot of guys are starting to like do the intermittent fasting or keto I just
found out for me personally I guess after getting my blood work done my body
responds better to carbohydrates and a little bit of fat and higher amounts of
protein so I never really been a big fan of intermittent fasting I always
have a banana with it as well for breakfast and I do all my own cooking
like not fortunate enough to have someone cook my meals for me like I said I do have the megafit meals for when I forget things or I’m in a crunch but for the
most part I do everything myself and so just try to be as quick as possible
I got into bodybuilding cuz I heard that’ll give you like a discipline lifestyle so
I did my first show and kind of fell in love with it no it’s something I do cause I enjoy you know I try to I try to stop it before
guess I’m addicted to it right but I try to stop it before and trying to be guess
normal and just wasn’t happy so I guess it’s like for me it’s more of a
lifestyle the training and feeding and obviously uh training with Charles and
there’s a lot of good people in the industry and then working in the finish industry as
well so I guess it’s just it was part of my life so this right here is my breakfast
like I said it’s not really gourmet but it’s probably better than Denny’s

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  2. He said milligrams LOL great physique but i would love to know his stack like a informational video on steroids and how to use them safely

  3. What about the chems? All this food is ok but without them chems no pro bbuilder can gain so much meat no matter how big a genetic freak he/she is. There is no such thing is all natural/clean and all the other harmless sounding synonyms. Cmon trolls let the hateful comments begin.

  4. After my morning workout i'll have a protein shake mixed with a raw egg then i'll scramble 4 large eggs. Been doing this for a couple of weeks now and it's really made a difference.

  5. Great video ! But can you guys do videos with how IPE PROS eat please. I want to see how those drug tested athletes eat and train. Again no disrespect to the IFBB enhanced athletes.

  6. That's a lot of Splenda, I think 2 would of been fine. Splenda is really sweet or am I thinking of Stevia? But Splenda comes in yellow packets.

  7. I think if ever there's a painting of a bodybuilder eating cream of rice/oatmeal and scrambled eggs, it's gonna have to be worth millions of dollars. The sight of this breakfast combination is just so good.

  8. Ayo! My M&S brother! January 17th is when I go for my ACE test. I can't wait! When I pass, I'm jumping on top of a table and cutting a WWE style promo. I just hope I'm a good trainer. I know my shit, but my coaching cues need some help. I learn fast when I do hands on shit but suck at explaining it in a way that's simple and effective to others. I'm a perfectionist and fear failure, so I often worry too much or make she-ot harder.

  9. Holy moly his heavy breathing is freaky. It's not normal. This is the problem with modern bodybuilding. Fuckin' 20 inch arms yet can't even breathe properly while having a normal conversation

  10. That Creole seasoning is ok. But a bomb ass Cajun seasoning is Slap Ya Mama. I put it on all my food, buy 3-4 at a time I use so much

  11. So do any of these body builders have GF's that cook and prepare meals? Not saying females should do the cooking, but i never see these guys with girls

  12. This dude outta breath just cooking breakfast?? Bodybuilders are not athletes.. bodybuilding requires no talent lol

  13. Lol im natural and im probably wider than this guy and im 174cm. Just because i dont compete and dont want to im not recognised but every gym i walk into its always all eyes on me. No creatine, i barely have protein shakes. I just eat good food and have elite genetics

  14. Edit your video..the macros are all wrong. 115g of carbs? From where? Only 27g of protein? How? He has 250g of egg whites and 3 whole eggs. Its more like a 1000c breakfast. 150g of cream of rice is 120g carbs alone + 30g of blueberries and a banana too?

  15. A breakfast I've been into lately:

    Grape Nuts mixed with peanut butter powder & unsweetened cocoa powder.
    Pour some almond milk, stir it around.
    Top with blueberries, let it sit in fridge overnight.
    Next morning, slice a banana in it.
    Texture is like a moist cake.

  16. Food is really overlooked. Everyone always is quick to point out roids. Yes. You do need a solid anabolic stack to be his size or be IFBB. But food is seriously important. I’ve juiced many times and had a crap diet. I was fat and flat and looked like shit. Since then I’ve learned and eat super clean and take very low doses compared to what pros take and I get amazing results.

  17. Overcooked eggs and the cream of rice is dry.
    Turn down the heat on the stove and add more water to the bowl. That meal looks painful
    Invest in a non stick skillet too.

  18. Really enjoy your videos, you guys always spend time to read every reply and comment on them. Thanks a lot for the good work, keep it up!

  19. What, he's not having smores and lucky charms?? That's weird. Seeing another video of eggs and cream of rice I would never have thought…. 🤔

  20. A meal that's simple, quick, easy, affordable and savvy for all those who workout. Just shows that in this sport the basics are still the number one result makers, M&S always get to the point, no beating around the bush thanks guys.

  21. When was the last time u had full time job ??? Or whn did u use ur brain 🧠 creatively !!!!! Is tht ur life eat , measure calories & gym . Yuk

  22. How does he fill his stomach with that ? That's like snacks for me…
    I eat 6 eggs scrambled (4 egg whites and 2 full).
    250ml of milk with muesli or 200 grams Greek yogurt and poha (flat rice with spices, Indian breakfast)

    Total quantity is far more than what this guy is eating

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