What really drives your stamina is your spirit.

– This class is about exploration. It’s going, okay, it’s stamina and spirit. We can talk about the physiology
of stamina all day long, but at the end of the day,
what really drives stamina, at some level, is your spirit, and there are some, some
neurologic things around that. We’re gonna go through that
stuff ’cause that’s what I do, I talk about neurology, because I believe that everything
that we do is brain-driven and the difference or the
decision between quitting and not quitting does not
typically come from the periphery, it comes from where? Up here, right? How many of you guys saw the
movie what was it, 127 Hours? You guys know this movie? It was about the hiker in,
I think he was in Utah, and he fell, got trapped between a rock, laid there for 127 hours
until he finally decided, you know what, I’m gonna
cut my own arm off, otherwise I’m gonna die. Hardcore, okay? Hardcore people. Now we say hardcore but
then you go, alright, well what’s the option,
dying or losing my arm? So what kind of mindset do we carry? What kind of mindset do we have? How important is the ultimate
decision to keep going or not? That’s all the stuff that
we’re gonna be talking about.

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