What’s STRENGTH got to do with it? || 2 Minute Tuesday

Hey guys, Jeff here from that bold life
thank you so much for joining me for another two minute Tuesday where I try
to unpack a devotion in under two minutes to get your week started off
right so let’s get started so I just finished up this series with my youth on
the Shema prayer now if you’re not familiar with the Shema goes like this
here o Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one love the Lord your God with all
your heart with all your soul and with all your strength now for two minutes I
don’t have time to unpack all of that but I want to focus on that last word
and that last word is love the Lord your God with all of your strength now I
always loved that passage right there’s just something powerful about love the
God love the Lord your God with all of your
strength I don’t like yeah I’ve got that brawn not not really let’s talk about
that okay so what does that actually mean
right because almost strength that’s not exactly a vessel that I can use to love
anything and so it’s funny when you actually start to look at the original
Hebrew this word packs so much more power than we think even when we read
strength write this word think my daughter’s awake hello I can get it out
in two minutes let’s go the word strength in Hebrews actually wears mode
mode and it’s funny because it doesn’t at all mean strength and you’re like
well that’s weird it actually means very or much so like
when God created earth II said it is good it is good it is good and on the
seventh time he says it is my own good it is very good or when the waters the
flood waters were raging they said it is my own raging I don’t remember the word
but it says extremely raging so mode is a word that augments another word and
most of the time it intensifies that word to total capacity so if we are to
love the Lord our God with our mode we are to love God with
our most intense mode too weird to love God with love with action with duty with
conversation with words with breath to our most intense available ability and
that is my time for this week so as you go out I pray and I encourage you that
you will go out and you will love God with your actions with your words with
your everything my ode is your everything go and love the Lord with all
your strength go and love the Lord with your own alright guys hope you enjoyed
this video if you did go ahead and slap that subscribe button our least two
minute Tuesday’s every single Tuesday also release a normal-sized devotion
every single Friday I hope that blesses you that encourage you I hope you stick
around and leave me a comment down below let me know how you’re gonna love God
with your mode this week alright guys love you keep living that buh-bye

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