What’s the Best Diet? Healthy Eating 101

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  1. This is a great video. I became whole-food plant-based after diagnosed (male, age 55) with diabetes (12.5 A1C), hypertension (160/110), high cholesterol (234, 129 LDL), I also had ED, chest pains, and was 30 pounds overweight while having low muscle mass, so more like 40-50 pounds FAT overweight. I am sure I was close to having a cardiac event. OK, so I went full WFPB vegan. Plus strenuous exercise (2 hours) once or twice a week. Almost a year. Pretty much all better now.

    That being all said, the vegan community in some ways lacks perspective (the health side, that is, not the ethical or environmental side). If you have one of these health problems, then yes, you SHOULD go whole-food plant-based, UNTIL YOU GET BETTER.

    That's where the common-sense evidence-backed approach of this video shines. It works for people who are not yet sick. You CAN eat about 3 ounces of animal products a day (and don't forget BEANS — Google "Blue Zones"). However, beware your triggers and portion creep. For me, I know that 3 ounces a day (or one meal a week) will turn into a whole lot more than that, just in cheese alone. Then your gut bacteria completely change back to rotting flesh carnivores and the door flies back off the hinges. Many cancers (via IGF-1 and TMAO), and heart disease (via LDL and oxidized cholesterol, where even HDL is turned evil) are due in large part to your microbiome. A good place to start with evidence is https://nutritionfacts.org.

    Here's a life hack that has worked wonders for me: Eat less than 600 calories per pound. It will be almost impossible to gain weight. There are 454 grams in a pound. Look at your food label. If the serving size in grams matches the calories, you are perfect. 450 calories per pound, just under 30 per ounce (28 grams, a common serving size for snacks), and one per gram. If you are looking at hummus and one has 50 calories per 30g serving and one has 90, which one should you choose? If you go over, then compensate. Eat four cups of spinach or half a head of broccoli. Don't ADD oil, even olive oil, to anything. If there's a little in there already, OK fine. The Mediterranean diets studied do not reflect modern usage. Eat whole olives instead.
    Google "caloric density."

    In the spirit of this video, whenever someone comes to you with an idea ("Deuterium activates your mitochondria and prevents cancer so a carnivore diet is good for you"), don't look at the reasons why that may be true. Look for the reasons why it may be FALSE (or non-constructive, meaning random noise, as with the example). That's how science ACTUALLY WORKS. You try to find exceptions until you give up and accept it as fact. Consider Einstein's General Relativity. One counterexample would call the whole thing into question. Look at all of the criticism and judge how much you believe THAT. You might often find, on both both sides of the fence, that the criticizers are using evidence that doesn't quite exactly say what the criticizers are saying.

    In addition, small studies over short periods of any cohort size with "soft" endpoints (weight reduced, A1C improved, LDL reduced) as opposed to long studies (>5 years) with large cohorts (>5,000 people) and "hard" endpoints (heart attack, stroke, death) can be constructed to say whatever they want and a multitude of biases creep in all over the place. (Watch out — the same can happen with meta-analyses of large studies due to selection bias, improper comparison, and other mistakes and biases. This is VERY popular right now! Look at the ORIGINAL studies.) Over and over you will see that replacing a less crappy diet with a more crappy diet (or vice-versa) (e.g,. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ijc.21042 plus anything released by the Egg Board or Dairy industry) doesn't hurt or maybe helps a little in soft outcomes. Overwhelmingly these soft improvements are associated with weight loss. Eating nothing but Twinkies improved soft markers for more people than low fat. (Sorry I don't have the reference. Google "Twinkie Diet.")

    Finally, consider the Blue Zones. There are large populations of people who regularly live past 100 with no dementia, heart disease, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers, diabetes, arthritis, diverticulitis — and the list goes on. They don't have cell phone apps and diet books and vitamin supplements and dietitians. What do they eat? They eat what their grandparents ate. 30-40% of calories from beans, less than 5% of calories from animal products (meat, eggs, and dairy at most 4-5 times a month), and the rest from whole cooked starches (plus nuts, seeds, and berries). When you look at modern videos of these people, the younger ones are fat. Guess why that is!

  2. To reduce carb cravings – eat more meat and beef – the most nutrient sufficient food. Eat raw coconut. Eliminate processed foods/sugars, juices and chemicals.

  3. I appreciate this video so much. Your tone, the visuals, everything. It’s really what I needed, thank you!!

  4. I’m not not being pessimistic but I’ve tried many of these exercises and still the same painful lower back…

  5. This video talks about a proper habit formation and focuses on all the right points. Great video! Suggest reading or listening to Atomic Habits for the deeper understanding of the info.

  6. I have seen lots of healthy eating videos and I'm extremely impressed with yours! You do an outstanding job of sharing a very balanced view of healthy eating. Thanks!

  7. Wow… choose the one you like and stick to it? That's the WORST advice I have ever heard. Try sticking with the Big Mac and see what happens.

  8. Going off processed foods and paying attention to what I’m eating is maybe the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. This video is just perfect.

  9. Dr. Mike, Thank you so much for a refreshingly candid, honest, REALISTIC and balanced perspective on nutrition and the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. As a Holistic Health Consultant, there are very few "experts" that I'd recommend

  10. fucking awesome talk. it was a pleasure listening to someone of your experience talk about such a complex issue for most people

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