What’s Your Strength? | Mosley Wotta Spoken Word

What’s your strength? What’s that thing that you know you’ve always had But you don’t want to admit that you do? Like how you’re so quick to build up everyone else, but not so quick to do it for you I think you know. You always knew you had it You just had to learn to hold it. Motivation speaks with those where inspiration captivates Imperminance, imminent, eminent, endless, including, pervasive That’s no mistake. That change remains the only constant Love will always favour change Comparisons wearing thin sickened by fitting in Really, what difference does our difference make? Fearing what we do not know Humans race to separate Learn to live to love to live to trust yourself to find a way I know that I know it, But learning to live it is giving me reason to run what I talk Aided abetted. I gotta give credit For all the support that’s been lifting us up And call it what you will The words alone do not aloft There’s more at work I think than ink inside the quill. Gather strength to make a sculpture of that writer’s block. Yes we of that infinite Suited for this finite form Village raise these children up to raise their voice and brave the storm Shedding tears instead of blood The war I fight inside of me Pick your battles. Know your rights And where have all the flowers gone? Beating heart can beat the odds We hold the beat. The mother drum Always knew you had it You just had to learn to hold it Had to turn it from a habit into radiant and golden Had to learn the subtle magic of what makes a flower open Always knew you had it. You just had to learn to hold it

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