When Kellyanne Conway Gets A Healthcare Question

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  1. Pretty sure that her healthcare consists of eating that heart once every 13 years, beneath a gibbous October moon.

  2. When I see her face I change the channel I think I hate her more than the trumps disgusting to put it miled

  3. She is an idiot. Why they still inviting her on their shows? The same is with Sarah Sanders and Steve Cortes. Pathetic liars.

  4. but you need tax,. trump does not pay it, to fund your gov to kill occupy murder people, but nsa, cia in deep trouble throughout the dissolved platforms on British soil

  5. "Always good to talk to you, please come back" And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why America's television media sucks! Do you really think these attention (insert expletive) need to have their arms twisted to come back? My goodness!

  6. this is literally their plans for healthcare…can't wait til they fail AGAIN at healthcare….ACA is not going ANYWHERE

  7. Update from the stable genius: "We will have great healthcare, believe me. But I can't tell you about it until after the election." 👌

    How dumb does t'rump think his idiot supporters are? 😆😅😂🤣😆😅😂🤣

  8. Kellyanne Con-Job: Why would anyone would listen to and believe anything that moronic ditz would have to say? My default position is if her lips are moving then she must be lying.

  9. Funny thing is and sad, when you use the beep of a medical machine to slander the concept of the RepubliKKKunt healthcare plan. Priceless!

    One puts Brawndo on the crops , cuz crops love electrolytes!

  10. man•i•fold [mån′ə-fōld′] noun 1 Kellyanneism.
    A wider, bigger hole—or chamber—into which smaller holes—or orifices—open, especially for the passage of hot, vapid gassy by-products. Ety. from Anglo-Saxon roots: manig (many) and feald (fold), via Old English manigfeald As in, "Simple question, Kellyanne: what's the Republican plan?" « gerbils spinning: dot-dot, dot-dot-dot »_the Republican's plan is manifold ….. and let me just begin by saying even in the president's current budget preexisting conditions are accounted for he has said time and again for years and years including this week that he will be true—by the way Democrats are opposed to Obamacare, blah, blah, blah-blah, blah-blah-blah, blah-blah.

  11. I’d like to think she is a nice person in private. Her public life is spin monster and I think she deserves better. Then again when you down with dogs you’re going to get up with fleas.

  12. The GOP healthcare plan hasn't changed since Alan Grayson spelled it out in the House 10 years ago, i.e. "Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly."

  13. I'm honestly shocked that she (or anyone else in the Trump admin) hasn't just said "why have healthcare?! people die all the time"
    Just like whenever laws they don't like come up, "why have this law?! Criminals aren't going to follow it!" because with that logic, why have… you know… ANY LAWS!

  14. What makes Chris Wallace think that those details would be announced on his program? Who does this guy think he is? Completely an appropriate. But then a lot of reporters seem to have that problem.

  15. wow, she sounds so much more awesome like this…. you know… when she doesn't say anything at all… i wish she did more often

  16. Who does that creepy-ass smile work on? It just says that what follows will not be one serious ounce of truth.

  17. If the Republican have a health care plan put out, the Democrats they did when they came up with the ACA/(Obama Care) smoke and mirrors they have nothing hate when Trump say they have something when ask about it working on it will be out soon and now waiting after 2020 will vote on it then. I am a Republican at least the Democrats had the guts to put there plan out for the American to look at and think about it.

  18. You could do one of those inside the head of an obese blue collar Trump supporter chearing on as his health care is removed.

  19. Alan Grayson said it best. The Republican healthcare plan is "don't get sick, but if you do, die quickly."

  20. Yep! Drumpf wants a Death Panel that "gets rid of" those pesky types that "bother" him!
    Y'know, the elderly and infirm; the "weak" and unfit; the "brown", "yellow" and "red"…
    Oddly, those all sound like The Orange !
    Twenty-Fifth Amendment Time – for all of his Cabinet of Corruption!!!

  21. Kellyanne Conway looks like a vampire who’s not getting enough human blood and hasn’t been getting enough sleep in a coffin.

  22. Republicans have had YEARS to formulate a plan on this topic (even as Obama was still President).
    But did they?..Hell no they haven’t!
    Republicans – can’t seem to breath and chew gum at the same time. They cry foul on current healthcare and want to strip it all away (even without having an alternative in place) such an Irresponsible and dangerous situation to put the American public in!
    Trump – a dangerous fool dangling yet another lie filled carrot to his gullible base while the Republicans continually do the devils work right here on earth👺.

  23. I voted for Trump yet he is definitely can be too disrespectful with his mouth attacking people that dare criticize him. Kellyanne got disturbed that Chris Wallace dare talk about her marriage, that this is crossing the line, however she protected Trump after he crossed the line bad mouthing her husband and calling him "the husband from hell" didn't he cross the line? But the Feminist, Kellyanne would rather protect Trump than her own husband. I don't like Trump's quick reactions on Twitter against people that criticized him. I did not like him attacking the Christian Ted Cruz calling him a liar and is never apologized. He sometimes says stupid things in attacking people that criticize him. I don't like Trump calling Kellyanne's husband "the husband from hell" That is total disrespect for an employee of his saying horrible things like that about her husband who dared to criticize him, and calling her husband Mr. Kellyanne Conway. That is too disrespectful to marriage. But I am sure that Kellyanne, being the feminist that she is, approved of what Trump said about her husband. I think Trump first got her permission to bash her husband publicly because he criticized Trump. It's her way of attacking her husband back to dare question her job there at the White House. I'm sure Kellyanne's husband does not want her to work in the white house anymore and she is refusing to quit because she says I have to be an example to all the feminists of the world that she,as a wife, can stand up to her husband. Kellyanne is a poor example of a wife. And this is where I criticize what Trump says also even though I voted for him. And believe it or not I vote for him again because of his policies are more in line with conservatism, and the Democrats give us nothing but communism, socialism, feminism lesbianism, homosexuality-ism and the murder of millions of babies that die in the abortion chambers of death.

  24. Cancun American, kellyanne crazy in bed? You go first… Let us know!😊👷 where do you want the flowers sent?

  25. check la flashback-uri, fi ale dreacu' ele să fie, de picioare, amândouă, și ăla cu ghearele lui. 🙂

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