fort what’s up guys welcome back to another
elune video here on the channel and today guys since I’m kind of in the
swing of things of grasping the overwhelmingness of this game oh I did
use today’s video to show you guys what you guys should be spending your stamina
on in the game and a little tip also what is kind of cool about this game is
they actually dull um when you guys level off you guys see all this 30
stamina is all like mostly level up rewards they actually send it to you in
your inbox so if you want to make use of your stamina especially if you’re not
able to play constantly you know throughout the game throughout the day
rather you guys could actually just hoard it in your gift box you guys see
here I have a full week to use this and what I do is I only use this when I need
it so like right now I have my I’m going to be doing my farming so I have you
know about 90 – to do that on auto repeat but there’s no reason to just
claim all on your inbox because then you’re wasting your stamina recovery
through time especially if you guys are gonna go to sleep or you guys can’t be
active on the game while this game does have Auto repeat it actually does
behoove you to be aware when you have certain things have auto repeat complete
and I’m gonna go into that now so what we do is we go into adventure this is
we’re gonna spend most your stamina and if you guys are in normal right you want
a three star clear as much as you can um and then once you basically clear out a
stage even if you don’t three start clearing as long as you clear out of
stage you are then able to do the Hard difficulty so I finally was able to her
difficulty clear astoria which is the first stage but the big thing of why it
is super super important for you guys to be grinding as much of the hard
difficulties you can you guys see here this time of mare which we she only have
two minutes so I’m not going to even get to clear all of it out but basically you
see here quest eight of 48 you want to spam auto complete this as much as you
can because when you do that you’re gonna get certain rewards from clearing
out your NPC quests as you guys hear you have 48 to do on
stage two and then when we go into hard difficulty on stage three we also
already have more to do 36 there 12 there and I haven’t even done the stage
stage 3 yet so I still have to go through a three star clearing that but
there’s not a rush to do that because if you guys are wanting to maximize your
completion rewards for your NPCs then I would recommend doing the lowest
difficulty first than the highest difficulty because while you were doing
that to be efficient on all of your stamina and resources what I do is I
bring one main unit which right now that is my fare and then I’m also leveling my
this guy Matt McCarthy so but what you should be doing to maximize your
resources is bring fodder units or units that you’re going to fuse and I
recommend bringing your epics first so epics you know you’re not going to use
to get your epic mileage up because when you guys are using your fusion tab here
so we go into fusion unfortunate I don’t have any right now I can do but
basically you’re gonna fuse two heroes of the same max level and the same great
so that means say you have two epics that are level 33 stars fuse them in and
then once you guys fuse you’re gonna be able to basically get fusion points and
when you fuse you’re eventually get yourself so far up so say you have maxed
out your fusion points of your pity system – for your rares that means
you’re guaranteed to get an epic and if you have maxed it out guaranteed for
your epics bleed you have to do 60 epics then you’re guaranteed to get a
legendary now it’s like a 1% chance I believe to get a legendary hero from
your epics I don’t know what the percentage overall for rare to getting
epic but if you do get legendary along the way of fusing then that does not
reset your pity rate and what you guys should be doing while you’re fusing is
to actually actually guys is to wait until you’re at 59
and then when you have your pity rate ready to go I would wait to fuse an
ethic until you have two five-star epochs ready to fuse because then when
you increase your right your your star rating you’re actually gonna get a six
star epic I believe that’s how it works now if I’m completely wrong let me know
in the comment section down below but that’s how I believe it should work
so that way you could guarantee on your pity rate for your epics to get that
guarantee six star a legendary that way you should not have to waste seeds to
evolve it so but if I’m wrong on that let me know guys but so that’s what you
guys should be doing when especially if you guys are busy and you can’t be doing
manual in the game but I would knock these out as often as you can you guys
can see here it already reset so now I’m gonna have to go back in and go back to
stage one and do these I’m gonna have to go to stage two so that’s gonna occupy
my stamina for the next little bit for today so you guys should always be
paying attention to this when you have no other quests to do then is the point
where you guys should be going through your hard difficulty progressing as much
as you can trying to three start clear as much as
you can and you guys see here I do have far difficulty up to stage 4 stage 5 I
am not cleared on normal yet so that’s when you can take the opportunity to go
through and try 3 start clear a normal difficulties all that stuff you guys 3
start clear and normal and hard difficulties you guys if you guys can 3
start clear everything you guys are going to get some of these tickets which
is a rare or epic for normal but if it’s on hard I believe it is a guarantee yet
to guarantee 4 star epic for stage 4 is it and then a 3 star epic guaranteed for
stage 3 and I believe it’s 3 star ethic as well here yeah but you do have to
completely 3 start clear them so that’s the only downside but you will get your
rubies on Hard difficulty as well as normal
Gold CC will get 50 rubies when you initially clearmount sky I’m hard so
still some great rewards there so outside of that what you guys should be
doing this to a Spanish name and okay so why have this is super important guys
for you guys to be proactively early-game doing this is because if you
go to your recurring missions if we scroll all the way down where’s she at oh there we go this girl right here
right whoops didn’t do that oh oh where did she go where’d she go there she is
all right so five star way way she is basically from what I understand she’s
going to be your massive amazing legendary support here which is free and
you can get max dupes of her through the course of time I believe it goes up to
like 200 class and it might multiply each time but you can’t fully do for out
over time free to play I believe she’s only available free to play so you want
to be doing as many NPC quests as you can every day after one day only I’ve
already completed six so hopefully if you know average about five five or six
a day hopefully I’ll be able to get her you know within like a week and a half
to two weeks which is why if she is gonna be replacing your Stella you may
want to hold off on using a lot of resources on Stella I think getting sell
it’s like a 5 star level 50 is good for now
I’m noticing she’s dying fight a bit but I’m not for sure if I’m going to
absolutely get her to 6 star I would want to have enough resources left over
so I can then six star my way way so depending on how often I get here so
it’s gonna depend how many seeds I have my support seeds and how many other
seeds I have access to for the normals depending on whether or not you guys
feel it’s worth the investment to 6 star but I would haul off definitely on skill
enhancing your Stella I’m to pain how fast you plan to get your way way
so let’s go into the other way you guys should be using your stamina that is
gonna be in the challenge mode in boss battles so boss battle here guys
basically you have the opportunity to clear each of these bosses three times
per day and you are gonna get gear so if you look into the actual chest here
you’ll actually see what rewards you’re going to get you’re going to get 2,200
gold and then you are going to get a 19 to 23 epic gear and obtain a level 25
BJ gear legendary as well so in my opinion at my point in the game I’m
still you know obviously really really early game I think it’s worth it to do
to spend your stamina is on proto t3 in Maine and Ascari so on its current you
guys see here we are gonna get we do not get unfortunately legendary gear now it
could show you guys let’s see if it goes if he gets a legendary so you do knock
it you only get the legendary apparently for proto t3 now I don’t know if possibly this dependent so it shows you
where you’ve cleared right so that’s why I’m able to go through up to here but I
cannot anchor this until I clear stage four right Stage five rather I had to
clear stay trying order unlocks him and then I have to clear then stage six to
unlock him so that’s where that’s where that comes in now I think possibly also
your words may increase for the amount of times you’ve cleared this I’m not
sure on that but you definitely want to be doing these with your stamina z’
every day as well and you guys will see here it will cost you I believe it goes
up to six for these guys possibly multiplies more I have to
I’ll have to show you guys possibly in another video and I’ll I’ll have this
linked to that video of exactly where how much stamina it is per but at any
rate this is the best way to get your legendary and epic gears for sure and
you basically want to be using any gear that’s high level that I
would say anything that’s above level like 19 for now but as far as enhancing
I would try to stick to enhancing gear that is played in the 30s and try to
have it be epic or legendary if you can that would be my recommendation I
definitely would not waste time on anything under enhancing anything under
level like 23 because you don’t want to waste your golden resources for that
because you have to use your goal for a lot everything’s in the game so be very
cognizant of that but yeah definitely do these I think it’s worth it to do proto
and main NS Cara if you guys are you know on day to day 3 the game outside of
that once I clear it stage 4 and 5 then we can see what what the gear drops
would leave for these guys but that’s getting my overall input on what you
guys should be using your stamina on like I said the most important thing is
to do your MTC challenges because you are gonna get so many different rewards
if we go back into there just so you guys are aware of all the different
rewards you guys get when you guys click on these guys all these different things
here rubies illume Lights seeds friendship points gold rubies lights you
know regular seeds all that stuff and when you guys feed so if I’m gonna feed
this guy you always want to feed you see whatever sees favor right so let’s
actually go back cuz this one I haven’t done yet so let’s go back to earlier
stage right so so if I were to feed her I’m gonna want to feed her the ammo here
right I mean that’s gonna increase your CP and look at that now we’re all the
way up to level 7 so we have all these rewards to collect so I have my loon
lights which are use for your your bingo event that we have going on right now
I’m gonna get gold I’m gonna get rubies and then I’m gonna get seeds which
obviously we need all the seeds we can get both the basics and these special
unfortunately the special ones you cannot get from your NPC challenges in
completions you can only get those I believe as far as farming goes from your
in your challenge mode of your light tour temple so what you obviously want
to do and I highly recommend also entering
at least at least refreshing once per day because then you’re going to get the
additional special seeds per day after that you’re only going to get the
additional seeds which you can either do your easy modes order normal modes so if
I were to click here hard but it does cost more rubies right it goes from 6
from 30 to 90 so but that’s going to be the video guys if you guys didn’t enjoy
today’s video please do drop a like down below subscribe if you guys are new and
I will see you guys and the next video here for Lu peace out guys


  1. JUST TO BE SAFE… prepare 4 five stars epic and fuse at 59 mark and at 60 mark.. that should safe to secure the 6 star legendary

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