Who Will Be the 2020 Democratic Nominee | 3 KEY Indicators

Hi, I’m Anthony Galli and the first question
I ask myself whenever I think about who will win an election is what candidate keeps me
watching? This isn’t to say he or she is the most eloquent speaker. It just means he
or she keeps me glued to the screen for better AND for worse. Eyeballs=power. And a big
part of what keeps me watching is PASSION and AUTHENTICITY. In modern American history,
the presidential candidate who displayed the most authentic passion won… Do you agree? Putting political affiliation aside,
we should agree that the more authentically passionate candidate won at least most of
the time. And then the next question I ask myself, particularly as it pertains to the
Democratic primary, is who do black Americans like watching the most? The black vote is
why Obama and Clinton won the Democratic nomination. Bill Clinton is even jokingly referred to
as the first black president. Currently, Joe Biden is winning the black vote, but polling
isn’t particularly relevant this early in the game. A better indicator I believe to
determine who will win the black vote is after watching the candidates speak who do black
audience members prefer? After the She the People forum… Who did you think did the best today?” Warren.
Warren. Warren. And then after a recent South Carolina forum
with a predominately black audience, the Huffington Post reported… “But while all the contenders received good
marks for their comments on stage, Warren’s performance appeared to have made the biggest
impression, earning the senator from Massachusetts a large standing ovation.” The last question I ask myself is who is the
most dissimilar to the incumbent? Again, when you look at modern American history the candidate
who ends up winning the primary and then the presidency is the candidate who was the most
unlike the incumbent. In 1992 the candidate most unlike President George H.W. Bush was
a young, socially liberal, outsider Bill Clinton. In 2000 the candidate most unlike Bill Clinton
was George W. Bush. In 2008 the candidate most unlike George W. Bush was Barrack Obama.
In 2016 the candidate most unlike Barrack Obama was Donald Trump. In 2020 the candidate
most unlike Donald Trump is {drumroll} somebody who is… Far-left, a policy-wonk, worked
almost exclusively in the public sector, consistent record, black, female, eloquent, young, gay,
and from a small mid-western southern town. So who of the current candidates would you
plot the furthest from Trump? Therefore based on these three KEY indicators the candidate
I predict will win the Democratic nomination is… Elizabeth “I have a plan for that”
Warren. Note: Neither poll ratings, endorsements,
policy soundness, money raised, experience, nor morals made my list, however, I personally
base my support almost exclusively on policy, experience, and morals, but this article isn’t
about who I support. It’s about who I think will win based on what I believe are the most
important predictive indicators, which also happen to get overlooked in the poll-money
obsessed media. But in American politics there is no such
thing as impossible… only unlikely. Elizabeth Warren could get embroiled in a
s*x scandal, i.e. “Listen, Timmy! If you want to pass my class then you need to do
a little extra credit for Professor Warren.” Unlikely, but possible. In the end, this is
still anyone’s game… at least as it pertains to Warren and the three Bees: Biden, Bernie,
and Buttigieg. But this is Warren’s game to win. The eyes of the world are watching.

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  1. Warren is like a more palatable Hillary. I hate her guts and she's practically communist at this point, but its undeniable that she is favored to win.

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