Why choose to be a nurse at BJC HealthCare?

(relaxing piano music) – I was a travel nurse. Decided to travel here to St. Louis and I fell in love with it. – People are so nice and so welcoming and they just jump in. You don’t have to ask. – It makes me very proud that I work with such a strong group of people. I would say that that was
probably one of the things that I love the best about this place. – They support me both as a
professional and as a person. As a professional, they’ve mentored me my entire first year of nursing. The colleagues I work with
answer tons of hundreds of questions. And, as a person they’re my friends, and they encourage you, and they hug you after a long day, and they’re just there
to help you when need it. – Something that BJC offers
for an opportunity to learn and to grow is the BJC Institute
of Learning and Development and so there we’re able to
take seminars to encourage us to become leaders. – They offer tuition reimbursement. Having that support, that
backing that BJC can offer you is something you just
cannot get anywhere else. – Another wonderful thing
about BJC Organization is that they have opportunities for people who come in with different
cultures, different ideas. So, I’m a veteran. When I came in I was recognized by the VP and he game me this pin. He said, “We have a
veteran connection here “and I think that you
will love to be a part “of this organization.” From then, another nurse came to me said, “You know what? “We have a diverse nursing
opportunity connection here. “Would you come and be a part of it?” So, the excitement is that it
has something for everyone. – Because there are 15
hospitals throughout the BJC HealthCare system, you do have an opportunity to move around. Wherever you’re living, wherever you’re going to school, wherever your community is, there’s a BJC hospital nearby. So, you do have room for growth. The volume here at Christian
Hospital emergency department is the busiest in the state of Missouri. We really do enjoy the fast pace. We get to see a lot of patients from a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of different situations. – Here are St. Louis Children’s Hospital we’re a Level IV neonatal ICU. So, the most rewarding part of my job is watching babies transition
from sick little babies and graduating to neonatal ICU graduates. – In 44ICU, we are the
surgical trauma burn unit. So, we get pretty much
almost every type of surgery. We do daily rounding with the doctors and you learn so much. – And we have kids come from
literally all over the world for one of the procedures that we do here. So, it just makes us feel
privileged more than anything to know that they wanted us and then that we get to
help once they finally get you know their dream. (bright music) – This is my 32nd year with BJC and I feel like I’m proud
to say that work for BJC. – I came to nursing
after I was an accountant for several years. And, I made the switch
because I needed something that’s different everyday
where you can learn and grow and you just get to experience
a different aspect of life in making a difference in people’s lives. – If you’re looking for something that’s not run of the mill, if you’re looking for that next level in your nursing career, you have to consider BJC. You have to consider the things that we do as an organization. World renowned, top tier, best physicians, best nurses, Magnet certified, who wouldn’t want to be here?

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