Why Head & Neck Isolator – Dynamic Fitness & Strength

my name is Mark Asanovich 14 year NFL
strength and conditioning coach despite repeated blows to the head in many
collisions sports head and neck strengthening is a little
bit before its time because right now it’s not part of the sport culture and I
liken it to the analogy of dehydration back in the mid 70s when I was going
through high school football if I had taken a drink of water I would have been
considered a feminine I wasn’t tough enough and it took a number of athletes
like Korey stringer a number of profile college athletes to die of dehydration
on the field before something as simple and logical as providing athletes with
water at practice became part of the sport culture so my question is how many
more athletes have to die as a result of brain trauma before we finally realized
that to protect the brain we have to strengthen the muscles of the head and
the neck

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