Why I chose the Master of Healthcare Innovation program

[MUSIC] My name is Emily Caudill. I am a Precertification Coordinator Lead at the Ohio State University
Wexner Medical Center. And I am also a graduate student in the
Masters of Healthcare Innovation Program at the Ohio State University. After college I served in the Peace Corps,
and I served in a small little country. It’s completely land locked within
South Africa, it’s called Lesotho. My mission there was to help
people in whatever way I could. When I returned home from the Peace Corps,
I really missed having that greater purpose of helping people, and helping
people with the focus on healthcare. I chose the Masters of Healthcare
Innovation Program at Ohio State for my grad program because it’s 100% online. I work 40 hours a week. I’m a mother of a toddler. I have husband and two dogs, and
trying to have a social life still. I also liked that there is a focus on
evidence based practice that helped tie into why I chose Ohio State
as well because it’s a very research-focused hospital. Through this program, I’ve met people from all different
fields in the healthcare system. People who have clinical backgrounds,
who are nurses, who work with moms and babies in labor and delivery. And people with more administrative
jobs that I didn’t even know existed. So, I feel like I’m learning so
much from the faculty with the really diverse backgrounds that they have, and
then also from people in my program. We are learning so much together,
we’re on this journey, and we’re learning so much about each other
and different parts of the healthcare system that either we didn’t know about or
didn’t know that much about. And we’re learning how it all connects
to the administrative, the clinical, we’re all working together for
the benefit of the patient. [MUSIC]

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