Why Is Women’s Sexual Health More Controversial Than Men’s?

i wanna talk a little bit more broadly
if we step back for a second about sexual health and the controversy over
it we talked about abortion at the beginning at the show
and some comments from CNN and why is it Lewis that men’s sexual
health is completely uncontroversial when compared to women’s sexual health
and I’ll give you some examples we talked last week or the week before about medicare covering millions of
dollars in penis pumps erectile dysfunction
pills et cetera et cetera at the same time women’s birth control is the topic I’ve
our after our after our legislative
discussion up discussion on news programs
discussion in churches and other conservative
groups should it be covered should it not be covered what about God what about
the Bible is plan be an abortion what about
religious exemptions to providing birth control to women I it’s now is it natural is it not
natural what about trans vaginal ultrasounds if you want an abortion is pumping your penis up with a penis pump and natural thing that
God would love while birth control to prevent unwanted
pregnancy in bringing children into the world that you may not be able to care
for something God would have a problem with
how can you make both arguments yeah I mean if you think it’s just about
women I mean I I have a hard time personally just believing that people are
consciously out there thinking to themselves okay how do I how do I just you know control women how do I how do I
handle women but you’re saying you don’t think that that’s what it’s about well well now a Miami subconsciously perhaps
yes but that but who knows I i mean maybe
they’re hurt legislators out there consciously thinking that they need to
you they need to act against women in this way I can’t help but feel like it is
actually about controlling women and you know whether we use the term
subconsciously or not if we connect the fact that’s so much of
the opposition in controversy and I would say really most did it over
women’s sexual health and reproduction is is biblically based and we explore
the fact that the Bible contains significant
misogyny and much about men controlling women I
don’t really think that a crazy person would I what would would be be the one to make the connection I
think it’s a pretty rational connection to make that we have be a bible-based are sacred
text based opposition too so much what is available to women and at the same time we have Bible teachings our Bible taxed which
advocates women in a subservient role to men I
think it’s a pretty logical connection hollywood certainly would be historically accurate say police

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  1. If men had babies, sexy boobs and butts…
    well, we wouldn't need women anymore.
    …and alot of politicians probably hate their moms.

  2. I think the only controversy is created by crazy republican assholes. I highly doubt many American citizens are actually outraged by birth control. Also men have disadvantages in the healthcare system as well. For instance men receive far less research funding for cancer 

  3. Penis pump…..LOL….so maybe telling him/her to BLOW instead of SUCK and maybe this god fella might be cool with that?!
    But seriously…back to the video…simple, allow women to make their own medical choices.
    Instead of a bunch of do as I say, not as I do CONServative men.

  4. david is right it is 100% about controlling woman that's why the republicunts want to make it so girls at the of 15 if not younger to get married to a 35

    thx for this ha bisky vid

    youtube fucked up my main account and that account is kazooga1234

  5. The best solution is not to cover any of it. I would rather have birth control paid for than pens pumps just because more birth control and less penis pumps means less unwanted pregnancies. I don't think it is people trying to control women, I think it is just people seeing things like birth control as something not necessary but see Viagra as something more like medicine. That is stupid though because women need birth control for a lot more than just not getting pregnant. 

  6. we also have proved it has nothing to do with life when the republicunts are murdering people and making them starve to death

  7. Traditionalist values held together by the past are having a hard time surviving the purging of antiquated belief systems.  It's hard for those in power to distinguish the difference between progress and stagnation.  Decisions are being made with very little thought given to the future.   

  8. Because he GOP on the whole has the antiquated mindset that women are the property of the father until they are married, then they become the property of the husband that are only good for making sandwiches and babies.

  9. Why Keystone XL and The Tar Sands Battle is an HIV Issue
    The U.S. State Department is poised to approve a pipeline from Canada to Texas that will transport hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic tar sands oil — risking the environment and your immune system.hivplusmag

  10. A straw man argument is one that misrepresents a position in order to make it appear weaker than it actually is. –www.logicalfallacies.info

    Birth control, whether it be condoms or pills is controversial. Sex enhancement, such as viagra, is covered by medicare whether it's presribed to men or women, as is testosterone treatments to enhance libido in men and women.

    Also, the idea that it's all about controlling one aspect of women's lives in one way is a bizarre and extraordinary claim, and requires extraordinary evidence, (ain't seen't none).

    It does enhance your viewership though, if you appear to be protecting women against evil mysoginists.

  11. I don't necessarily think it's about controlling women, but it obviously demands a total lack of respect for a woman's bodily autonomy, especially taking into account that most of the anti-abortion laws have been written and passed by totally or near-totally male legislatures. But I'm definitely open to an argument that it is. If it were just about thinking killing unborn babies is wrong, there's no good reason it would be a distinctly conservative position. It is only that because only conservatives, generally speaking, don't care about what happens to the woman or even the child after they're born.

  12. This is what happens when you bring Bronze-age ideology into OUR time. Religious values all stem from an ancient thought process where information was a limited resource. Now, and from the printing press' invention information has disseminated among the masses and with that dissemination came the enlightenment of democracy for all, eventually even women. Religion is the long past's sticky glue that holds civilization back from achieving its potential. 

  13. Outside if the control issue,which I completely agree with, I think it also has to do with men caring about their health. Not saying they all don't because many do, but it seems that men are less likely to go to the doctor and when they do it's because of severe symptoms. Men don't put their health as a priority in public space (specifically as it pertains to them like with prostate cancer). Which in my opinion is in part because they spend to much time focusing on women's health instead.

  14. It boils down to this…
    The vast majority of those who oppose easy access to comprehensive sex-ed, contraception, and abortion, are Conservatives.
    The vast majority of Conservatives in the U.S.A. are religious.
    Relgions (once they pass cult-size) grow primarily through their members having children.
    If large numbers of females start having smaller familes, the congregation shrinks; and the Church has fewer members around to give them money.
    Allso, people who have children when they're teenagers tend to get locked into poverty cycle.
    And poor people are more easy to manipulate.
    Ex: the Prosperity Gospel scam.

  15. The way women's reproductive freedoms are handled in this country is indeed unequal to men's.  The way to bring equality and provide women with equal access is to outlaw the bible as a consideration for US law.

    Christians like to swat at non-existent flies with sledgehammers by passing ridiculous anti-Sharia laws when people should be banning the hopelessly outdated, misogynistic, superstitious bible.

  16. We men just don't take women as seriously as we take ourselves – and I say this as a fairly liberal guy. I often catch myself being sexist in spite of myself.

  17. A sexist double standard the has been perpetuated by religion since it's beginning. Women who have lots of sex are sluts and men are players.

  18. Because they have racist and sexist white men in office we need To feel those spots we have some minorities and women but need more


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