Why Medical Bills In The US Are So Expensive

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  1. So in Australia, the phrase "Americanization of the healthcare system" is used as a emotionally charged insult thrown at people who want to negatively change the system, just like the way "socialization of the healthcare system" is used as an insult in the US. Think about that for a second.

  2. My friend's heart transplant cost them 20,000 in USD. My ovarian cyst removal surgery cost us 6,000 in USD and that's already including my stay at the hospital plus my meds.

  3. No services are free in any country, I live in the UK were our national insurance contributions (Medical insurance) are taken along with our income tax direct from our wage packet before we receive our wages . My national insurance contribution works out at £350.00 per month how does that compare with private insurance in the States. Also our NHS is the biggest employer in the UK.

  4. I am a Sri Lankan, how lucky we are . We have free education and free health for all , and foreign countries slowly influencing it to be otherwise.

  5. All of the Europeans and Canadians bashing the US in these comments are doing so with their devices created by American capitalism, sitting in air conditioning created by American capitalism, enjoying speaking their own language saved by American blood, under the protection of NATO funded by American capitalism. The list goes on. Be thankful and enjoy your “free” healthcare brought to you by the American taxpayer who is footing your defense bill. To the Americans watching the video, vote to get the government completely out of healthcare and foreign aid and watch the prices drop quicker than any politician claims they can make them.

  6. If you get to be over 65 in the US you've proved you can stay the course . Smokers , drinkers and druggies can fund their funerals beforehand . Actuaries actually have that right in the land of the spree . Carpe Dies meets Caveat Emptor on that 66th floor of Standard Life . Unfortunately there's only one elevator and it comes up from the executive entrance free of us, the schlepping hordes . Or there is the bunker with the
    K- rations before the poweroutage and Socal Insecurity . Are there any Native American or Colored Folks lining up with the Doomsday Preppers ? Guess not , as they've already
    been locked in the basement too long to care about dreaming of another one .

  7. In this video, many times it's said, nobody is doing anything to stop it.
    My answer? Because you get killed if you try. All those fatal medical accidents happening to doctors and other physicians that never make it to the news?…. yea, that's cause a doctor decided to grow a heart, and one of the higherups isn't having it, so they tell their own higherups who contact a third party ""Consulting"" company to "Deal" with the Doctor who's "heart grew 3 sizes that day".

    The result is a bunch of dead doctors who's deaths are labaled as "accidents"and who never make it to the news, who's families get paid packages to silence them and a healthcare nightmare that remains unchanged.

    Do your HW and lookup those, third party "Consulting" companies used by the higherups. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be told, "stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, or else".

  8. This seems like a big market failure. Competition should result in lower prices but it does not seem to work in this sector in the US

  9. Yes, it is true that Americans have a lower life expectancy than Canada, half of the Caribbean including Puerto Rico and Cuba, Chile, all of Western Europe some of Eastern Europe, Israel, Jordan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

    Even if you have insurance the doctors will spend 5-10 minutes only to prescribe you painkillers and unnecessary tests.
    Haha what a 4th world shithole country 😏

  10. US needs to reevaluate their healthcare system's infrastructure. There's so much greed, bigotry, and unnecessary extra fees in between the lines.

  11. People don’t understand, everyone needs money to live. The pharmaceuticals and medical parts needed to be designed by someone, they had to be made by someone, they had to be delivered by someone. Then the receptionist that checks you in needs money and so do the janitors there as well as the nurses and doctors. The doctors are required by law to have malpractice insurance (and that is not cheap). The hospital also needs to pay for insurance and maintain their facility. There is a entire list of all the people and expenses that go into preforming medical needs. Why don’t you look it up?

  12. I’m a doctor, and the reason why healthcare is just greed. You know it doesn’t cost that much. If life is actually fair, hospitals wouldn’t be a company and it would be all free.

  13. – i had to quit my job to get healthcare because pharma makes insuline 1k a box of 5 pens. (levemir) ( novalog) – my job didnt pay for healthcare and paying for healthcare ins out of pocket was more than what i got paid, so with deductable id be paying my entire paycheck for the month plus for insurance…..jobless health insurance is free from state…and was able to get my medicine. Let that sink in….blame big pharma for over pricing with contracts to pharmacy oulets to bill insurance whatever they want…..it costs 10 bux to make a Levamir pen insuline…they bill the insurance 1K for a box of 5 pens…we who live on min wage….cant do it….

  14. Transportation in an ambulance charged my daughter $900 for transporting her, which was a 5 minutes drive and the EMS didn't even take her vitals they didn't touch her at all 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was so upset!!

  15. The problem is the US subsidies the rest of the world for  pharmaceuticals.  There are caps on prices elsewhere so the cost of R&D is transferred to US citizens in the form of higher  pharmaceuticals prices.  The solution would be for the US to penalize  pharmaceutical companies for charging lower prices in places like Canada or the EU.Putting caps on prices in the US would result in reduced R&D and more people dying.  Another solution would be to ban US companies from selling  pharmaceuticals outside of the US

  16. Medical costs are high in the US for several reasons.  First US hospitals must treat illegal aliens and anyone who shows up in an emergency room. The costs are transferred to someone like this lady.  Second states prevent competition across state lines.  Third the US government heavily regulates the industry and allows Doctors and Nurses to limit the supply of Doctors and Nurses through licensing process.   Fourth time to become a doctor after high school takes over a decade or more.  During this period of time the doctor in training is digging a financial hole that is recouped when they become a doctor in their mid to late 30s.  Fifth _ government determines what insurance companies must cover and cost.  Sixth  Government prevents higher fees by insurance companies for Bad life style decisions for  example being a heavy smoker,  doing drugs, and being overweight Seventh health care is better in the US.  You will die if you get cancer in the UK, you may survive in the US

  17. Free health care is good and all,

    Until you realize you have to wait 3 years for Cancer Treatment and end up dying on the Waiting list.

  18. I love the fact that i dont have insurance good luck billing me im broke 😭😂🤣 i mean she does have a nice 2story house at least she owns shes a rich middle class fam that can't pay 3million bahahah

  19. I pay for medicare in taxes but can't use it till im like 67 if i live that long ill be dead at 30 tho in 5yrs thus ill work the rest of my life away

  20. Its funny because i pay for police fire and ambulances through taxes in my paycheck yet i still gotta pay em when they pick me up and drop me off at hospital dayum they get double paid i only get paid once

  21. I know in Europe health care should be cheaper, unfortunately this is not always the case. Health public system is collapsing. Too many old people and illegal immigrants to take care of. I have a rare genetic disorder and I didn't get any help from the public health system. I had to pay for a very expensive DNa test in USA and many people in USA didn't pay for the same test and some of them didn't have insurance. There is support for people with genetic disease. For pompe disease for example the USA government pays a very expensive treatment. Eventually I've got a diagnosis in USA. if you have a rare illness in Europe doctors are not doing their job. In USA you pay them but at least they are doing what they are supposed to do finding what is the cause of your illness. Not sure how young people will able to get medical treatment here in Europe. It seems to me that there will be so much poverty that only a few privileged ones will get treatments. It will be like a third world country. I hope I am wrong.

  22. that colchicine prices is less then 2$ in turkey and this pill isnt patented by someone. i have just looked the price in us 230$. it only shows that market is oligopoly. So, my suggestion to us citizens should think about liberal socialism.

  23. I been a expat several years with medical insurance – when I go to the hospital and they know I am covered by insurance I get the feeling I get over billed by the hospital.

  24. Honestly, it makes a perfect sense for an American to travel abroad and pay for medical services there. Depending on your situation, your costs of getting treatment abroad may be significantly lower than in the US. 
    We'll see medical tourism industry flourish in the next decade.

  25. I guess CNBC would like companies to just give away their services for free. I think CNBC does not understand how business works. A company invests in processes, technology, and people, and customers purchase the services or products from that company. I think CNBC really dislikes some industries because they won't give away their services and products for less than it costs them to deliver these services and products.

  26. American's stop wasting ur money in this country when they don't care but ur health…best way to get real help is to go to other countries..with the money u pay here can go on plane trip get meds n still have money left…its the truth I get all my family meds out of country…yr better off…

  27. I tell u what..if my child die bcuz high prices for meds ..eye for n eye .tooth for tooth…simple as that…n won't stop to someone stop breathing…playin wit ppl lives is something the government don't care bout… think bout it…

  28. TN is aweful…local hospitals closed and/or closed..Fentress closed 2 months ago, so many poor folks without any help..

  29. Let's say my income is $50,000 pa here in Australia ..my medicare levy bill would be $1000 pa that covers me for my healthcare so I never have to worry . I say it is a pretty good deal

  30. and thats why we have health insurance in the netherlands or in europe for that matter. there are even 3rd world countries who have a better system then america lol. a transplant cost me nothing. well 385 euros own contribution. but thats literally it. point is its like americans dont want anything better as well. why? well if they dont vote for a person like bernie sanders who does want to have a european health care system. then they dont want to have anything changed as wel. americans dont like to be social. and with that you will not have a social health care system as wel. americans dig their own grave. but they dont know it yet. thats how ignorant they are

  31. And they are surprised by America is becoming Browner, Americans don't wanna accept that she's no longer attractive to European immigrants because of the bad social safety net, Improve your Social Safety net and Whites will emigrate, America is only attractive to 3rd world Citizens, no Norwegian or German would ever emigrate to US in this age.

  32. Want to know why these outrageous bills get paid by insurers? Because ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed, health insurance companies have been paid.on commission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cds5Pgi3ZwE

  33. Ah yes, let's blame it all on capitalism.
    Nevermind that it's government intervention through over subsidization and over regulation that's increased costs. Nevermind that healthcare costs blew up after Medicare and Medicaid were introduced. Nevermind that Americans are horribly irresponsible when it comes to their own health, which raises demand and creates inflation, and that universal access would only make this worse by removing consequences. Nevermind that citizens from countries with universal healthcare come to America for cancer treatment because a competitive environment creates the most innovation. Nevermind that America has waiting rooms whereas universal healthcare systems have ticket booths for their queues. Nevermind that their medical practitioners are overworked, or that the increase in demand from """"free"""" healthcare causes inflation, or that some need to outsource their practicianers because they're so overwhelmed, or that Swedish economists have labeled universal healthcare a "social experiment" failure, or that they have some of the highest debts per household in the world due to socialist programs. No, no, let's blame it all on capitalism.

  34. I feel sorry for these people. I've lived in the US for 20 years now and I've never received a bill from any surgery or doctors appointment. Have any of these people thought about getting state insurance instead of private insurance, that is common sense if you think you'll be needing hospital care often.

  35. At what point do you consider yourself to be a burden on society? Feelings will be hurt, people won’t like the answer, and some people will be allowed to perish.

  36. The American healthcare system is in the process of collapsing.
    That’s a good thing.
    I’m rather conservative on many things but to not have universal healthcare for our citizens is not only devastating but also a travesty.

    A country that cannot and will not take care of its citizenry’s basic health needs is destined to fail.
    Notice I said our citizens not the undocumented.

  37. Has anyone ever thought of a more holistic approach? Vegan lifestyle, meditation, fasting. Increasing the bodies own immune response to heal itself would drastically reduce cost for everyone and possibly take out the need for pharmaceuticals all together.

  38. America is a fantastic country with fantastic opportunities great people but it's an absolute disgrace that they still charging their own citizens to pay for healthcare it's just a disgrace

  39. What system has served the costumer the best?
    What system has reduced prices, increased quality, and mass produced new ideas to everyone willing to accept the system?

    Free market capitalism

  40. In my eyes the US is the most developed 3rd world country I'm from France and in France universal healthcare is a given, no party still argue about it, we have that healthcare system since just before WWII.

    You are the only developed country with an average lifespan decreasing, you are the only developed country with a percentage of child mortality that high, you are the only developed country with 40% of obesity, you are the only developed county where you can go bankrupt because of being sick, you are one of the only developed country with where you need to sell your organs to get an education, you are the only developed country with an homicid rate that high 5.0 per 100k inhab and the second highest of the develeped world is israel with 1.9 per 100k inhab ( if you take isreal as a developed nation),you have the most expensive and ineffective healthcare its almost two times more expensive than the french one, yet you still want to keep it for some unknown reason.

  41. Government medicare isn't the best answer either, because all those costs are uploaded and dumped on the taxpayer. Hospitals and doctors will try to milk the system even more as decisions are made by politicians FOR POLITICAL BENEFITS. It will turn into how it was in the Soviet Union. Waiting lists for everything and a GIGANTIC bureaucracy that swallows up the money. European countries are a good example. They have a mixed system and spend less money than the USA.

  42. "There is no magical solution." that is incorrect. simply vastly restore government-funded open-source public domain R&D. completely subsidize medical labs making public domain drugs and medical equipment. give everybody qualified a full-ride scholarship to become a doctor or researcher. ban insurance companies and for-profit drugs… take all the researchers who get paid little anyway, from the for-profit drug companies, and give them their own open-source public domain labs to continue their research. it's really easy, actually.

  43. She’s lucky that her baby was born in America and insurance picked up the Bill,if it was the NHS in UK they would have let the little baby die.Social medicine in Europe is a disaster.
    It was a good idea in the 50,s and 60,s now we have the lowest standard of medical care in Europe,
    Even Romania or Poland is better.
    America’s idea was good but the greedy doctors,hospitals and drug companies were let get out of control.

  44. OMG,Checkout my free healthcare experience in RUSSIA on MY CHANNEL. I still believe country’s need to protect their citizens with free healthcare 💪🏿

  45. The USA does not have a health care system. It has an insurance industry, which is entirely different. To say that the health insurance industry is a health care system is akin to saying that your auto insurance is your car care system.

  46. In theory, free-market capitalism should have made the prices go down. Except that for some reason, it didn't. Why? Well, first, let's start with the lobbyists who are majorly from health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, and a lack of government oversight that allows them to charge $200 for a drug that was produced for $2 and would cost no more than $20 in a normal Western country. Then, hospitals trying to profit as well from the situation by buying from those same corporations and reselling at an even higher price, so that $200 medication from the pharmaceutical company becomes a $600 medication in the hospital; also, the complete lack of price transparency at hospitals which can charge (eg. from Mayo clinic's website) anywhere from $200k to $19 MILLION for a heart transplant, and that's how they operate for any service provided; the lower charge will go to medicare and medicaid people, but if you have a private insurance, or God forbid, are uninsured, you're screwed. When you come to the hospital in a coma, passed-out, scared, anxious, you don't have time to think about the price, and that's how they rip you off your savings. Finally, the human nature: when a $1000 new iPhone is too expensive for you, you just won't buy it, but when your health is at stake, you will do anything possible even if it's to live one more day. If a shot of insulin costs $1000, you'll buy it… if it costs $10,000, you'll sell your car and buy it… if it costs $100,000, you'll sell your home and buy it… if it costs $1,000,000, you'll rob a bank and buy it. And that, my dear Americans, the insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, healthcare facilities and doctors know it! And America is not ruled by capitalism, it is ruled by corporatism (monopolies and oligopolies), and all of that has been achieved through lobbying.

  47. America is a shitghole country. I think it is fairly obvious at this point. no one truly owns anything or can afford anything.

  48. Heartless doctors, insurance companies and investors.! Try to make as much money as possible. God gives them intelligent in medical care to help others in need of health. But they abuse God's gift of intelligent to enrich themselves at people's expenses. If you don't have a compassionate heart don't come into medical care to bankrupt others. Evil capitalists. Go invest in making toilet papers better.

  49. When the medical industry is regulated, the US economy will collapse. That is how large money is involved in the medical and pharmaceutical industry industries

  50. Where was Saint Jude's? Medical industry puts us in a position to chose our health or put a roof over our kids heads…..so wrong!!!

  51. Hospitals and doctors are not a free market. Medical in America is a nasty mix of free market and socialism. Doctors and hospitals are constantly committing fraud. Charge you the price of a box of gloves when they used one pair, etc. Doctors with patients on federal/state paid medical hit the jackpot and schedule countless pointless test and procedures. Hospitals say they are losing so much money yet the doctors are driving $200k cars, live in a $800k house, etc. Free medicare for all will be a wide open door to give that doctor a $300k car, $1.5M house over night.

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