Why Should I Care About Women’s Health? 60 Second Challenge

My name is Gloria Bachmann, I’m the
director of the Women’s Health Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. I
have 60 seconds to convince you why you should care about women’s health. I think
the most important aspect to women’s health is the ripple effect. Especially
for men, I emphasize that it’s not women’s health but it’s family health,
that women’s health really dictates the health of the entire family.
I emphasize to women themselves that they cannot put everyone’s wellness
before their own. There is no health concern that is too trivial that you
should ignore it. Let me talk to you about how women’s health and the economy
are all connected. A woman who is not in good health, who does not have access to
good health care may not be able to get the schooling she needs and because
she’s not able to attend school, the job opportunities are dismal and this cycle
will continue. Almost everyone is touched by whether a woman is healthy or not
healthy. I’m Gloria Bachman, that’s my 60 seconds, and I hope you care.

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