Why Strength is Better for Women

Are you tired of constantly trying to be
someone you’re not and trying to look the way culture tells you to? Want to be
stronger, more confident and healthier than you’ve ever been physically,
emotionally, and socially? Today I’ll show you a better way. I’m Alexis and at
Barbell Logic we believe strength and health should be approached with
simplicity logic and reason. When I first started strength training, I was
terrified. When I first learned to squat and deadlift, I didn’t think I could do
it. You probably have a similar story. I doubted my physical capabilities,
athleticism, mental strength and confidence in general. I had experience
with booty sculpt, Zumba, Barre and yoga but this was radically different.
Strength training was really hard and nothing I had ever done in the gym could
ever compare to it. It didn’t take long before I recognized this was far more
effective than anything I’d ever done before. More than a few times I failed,
had other setbacks and reset my weights to start working up again.
But over time I developed a sense of wonder about barbell training. I realized
that I can do this. I found new potential in myself. I went from small in voice
opinion and achievement to a much more confident version of myself. I’m here to
tell you that you have a choice to get stronger. Let’s walk through three
reasons why stronger is better for everyone but specifically for women.
Number one: strength counters many social beliefs around women and their bodies.
Being stronger is about defining what you want for yourself and for your
reasons – not to fit a certain look or cultural standard. Number two: strength
builds confidence in a way that nothing else will. Strength training is hard; it’s
not easy to double your squat, but when you choose to do hard things,
you’ve refined yourself not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and
socially as well. Number three and most importantly, strength shifts the focus
away from external to internal – from trying to comply with unsatisfying,
shallow social standards to inward personal development.
Ultimately it helps us realize that we are valued for our ability to contribute
to society – not because of how we look. The desire to look better is natural and
aesthetic improvement is almost always a byproduct of weight training. With proper
nutrition and strength training, you will notice positive changes to your physical
appearance. But our goal isn’t to change how you look or to tell you how you
should look. That decision is yours. Our goal is to take you from weak and
unhealthy to strong, healthy and confident. Consider these questions and
decide for yourself. Why live your life in a body that’s a fraction of as
powerful and strong as it could be? Why try to conform to a look that the
media and culture tells you to look like? What physical and emotional limitations
do you face on a daily basis and does your current gym or exercise routine
combat those limitations and build confidence while teaching you about
yourself? For me my body has responded to strength training the way I always
wanted it to from previous exercise routines. Only now I don’t exercise, I
strength train. Because strong is the new strong. We have an incredible team of
female coaches at Starting Strength Online Coaching that can empathize and
relate to the challenges you face on a daily basis, because they don’t just talk
the talk, they walk the walk. We’d love to help you reach your goals in strength
and health. Learn more about us by clicking here.

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  1. Started 2 months ago and I love it, it's helping me to build a body for life. Recommend it to all my girlfriends. Great speech! Subscribed!

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