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  1. Wow, your stuff is great! How does this not have hundreds of thousands of views?!

    Thanks to Amanda Palmer for pointing me in your direction!

  2. As a side note, not everything you mentioned is covered by the NHS. Everything is subsidised (and free for under 18s and maybe pensioners) but dental care and eye tests cost money, as does getting a prescription, though nowhere near the actual cost

  3. wow. what a talent. not only is the guy right smart about politics and stuff but he's real funny too. right funny. his characterizations are like totally funny and stuff. right funny. what a talent. wow. he sure is telling the truth about socialized medicine and stuff. sure is. I live in Canada and we have socialized medicine and it sure is great and stuff. You certainly don't have to wait an entire day in the emergency room to see a doctor or months to see a specialist or forever to have a hip replacement. it's great.

  4. Ireland is another developed country that does not have universal access to healthcare, although the barriers to access are less than those in the US.

  5. it's a great video with pretty images, but i wish you'd add links to your sources of info. like if you're quoting some poll, why not link to that poll, so if we want to learn more it'll be easier to find out how many people were surveyed and when etc.
    (i know you won't lie, and you are doing good work! just saying links will be helpful and much appreciated)

  6. I was straight out of high school and i got a severely abscessed molar. I had to pay 100% out of pocket for a root canal because my “”””””insurance”””””” only covered root canals on front teeth. Who the hell gets root canals on front teeth???? I weeped every time i walked out of the dentists office…not because of pain but because my entire mcdonalds paycheck went to PARTIALLY paying for the fist sized mass that had formed on the side of my jaw. Finally i got it all treated. The entire procedure took a lil less than 1/4 of all the money i made that summer before college. And i still had to get the crown……which i never got because at this point the money I had saved up needed to be used for college and eventually he tooth just gradually broke apart….at least it doesnt hurt anymore I guess :/

  7. I got climbed a radio tower once when I got drunk. The police showed up and took me to a hospital thinking must be suicidal, even though I tried to explain that I am a rock climber who likes climbing stuff. They held me in the psych ward for a week for "evaluation" even though I requested to leave every day. Now I still have an outstanding bill of 10,000 dollars ..

  8. I'm not even American, but American healthcare makes my stomach twist and my anxiety flare up. Maybe because I know that we're all headed this way if things don't change. Healthcare systems in Canada(my country) and the UK have so many problems, set to worsen with no solutions in sight. Scary. Privitzation is NOT the solution, the problem is Capitalism is disease and it kills – including out social systems.

    It's not that in Canada we don't pay. We do pay for some things, but it's nothing like the US. Ambulance rides in Ontario are something like 40 dollars(could've gone up a bit so I used one 4 years ago). We pay for our medicine – insurance exists but a lot of people don't have it, same with dentistry. Still, It is free for children, but not for adults.

  9. I don't live in a city, so it's not the same I imagine – but I've never been in my local ER and experienced it totally full. Though public clinics are a different story. Am Canadian.

  10. When people are asking "who cares about Net Neutrality" my response is, "They basically did to your internet what they want to do with healthcare." EG, "Get rid of regulation so you have 'choice.'"
    But it's not a choice. Your service provider (both media and insurance) depends on where you live and what you can afford. It's a way to keep the marginalized in check and keep the dough coming in for the service providers. If, in theory, more service providers would compete for better coverage everywhere for the lowest cost, then maybe you'd have some interesting arguments here. Like, I have a very different set of healthcare needs than a senior citizen, infant, or even other people of my age because I have a few conditions. So if I could create a plan where I paid what I can afford for coverage I specifically need and left open options for the future, that would be pretty rad.
    But you'd still need regulation to keep companies from saying, "Sorry, we're not going to cover you because you're part of a group we don't like." Nah. They use de-facto prejudice with healthcare by insurance companies NOT existing nationwide, doctors being able to deny certain insurance companies, and just generally keeping us in the dark so we put more money in their pockets when we don't have to. Net neutrality on the other hand… yeah, let's enjoy uncensored/altered media while we can.

  11. I'd like to coin a new term.
    Systematic fundamentalist – a person who believes that a certain system or systems can be applied to effectively any problem.

    I have two examples of systems people think of this way: private markets and national sovereignty. There are collective problems that private markets aren't good at solving (see health insurance) and international problems that national sovereignty can't solve (see the refugee crisis.)

    Systems are tools. We need to use the right tools for the right jobs.

  12. But Japan France Germany etc. Don't have single payer. They have universal healthcare with multiple insurance plans. Why are so many people mix single payer with universal

  13. Shouldn't you try to refute the claims that there are swarms of people in Canada fleeing to America for Treatment because their system is supposedly f—ked?

    I'm confident that claim can be refuted, but I don't know what the facts are.

  14. Seriously? Religion based on stoning women and hating gay people? Thats what you think its about? I like your videos, Peter, but that’s just not what Christianity is based on (and yes I say Christianity because you used a bible for the background). Honestly try to understand it or don’t make false statements that seem flippant and dismissive of religion.

  15. as a Canadian I would love if you explained to Americans how our healthcare system while maybe slightly better is still absolute bullshit that picks and chooses what it should cover. cause while we don't have a bill for a doctor's visit we still pay for drugs and dental and lots of mental health stuff…..

  16. they always talk of choice to get their doctor, CHOICE to get your company! but they forget that many people have no choice because they simply CANT AFFORD IT ANYWAY so what choice is there?You're not allowed a choice if you don't have money, plain and simple.

  17. I can't believe you used a Willy Wonka framing device without making the obvious point about the conflict of interests between employer-provided healthcare and race-to-the-bottom working conditions.

  18. If you want choice of doctors, I have at least 3 GPs within a couple miles of my house (possibly more that I haven't looked into). I can switch between any of them at any time for precisely £0.00.

    NHS rules.

  19. Imma leave this here. I am in Germany, the health care insurance company that I use (yes, they are companies) was founded shortly after socialized healthcare was started by Bismarck. Yes, socialized healthcare is so old in Germany, it was started by that guy what thought democracy and capitalism were progressive liberal nonsense. So, why did he enact socialized healthcare? Why to take the teeth out of socialist movements, of course. When the socialists were calling for universal healthcare, Bismarck said, “here, everyone has healthcare,” and suddenly the socialists had no leg to stand on there.

    So, getting back to “it’s a company” it’s a government-authorized statute-bound company. This means it is not a publicly traded, privately owned, or even that it’s not technically non-profit. Rather, it is much more like the US Post Office, in that it is an independent corporation beholden to the government for a specific public good though specific statutory guidelines. Only in Germany, you get like… well, over a dozen at least—rather than just one big one. Mostly, because a lot of them were setup before even WW1, and were doing a decent job at their task. So why turn over the boat when things are working reasonably well.

    But one still has the option of going to a private insurance system. But first, you have to already make a lot of money, and then your insurance typically covers a few more perks than the statutory insurances, like individual rooms, being seen by the head of the department, getting pudding with every meal. Also, some providers cater exclusively to the privately insured, because €€€.

    Anyways, just to note, there are a lot of universal healthcare systems out there that are not only conservative-compatible, they’re founded by conservatives that would find modern republicans abhorrently deviated SJW cucks for wanting “democracy” rather than monarchy, and “capitalism” rather than aristrocracy.

  20. So I've been binging everything you've done but that Willy Wonka "skit" is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world and I thought you oughta know yours was amazing and I loved it!

  21. God, your point about universal healthcare being a collectivised experience? Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. With the 100th anniversary of the NHS just passed, as well as the birth of my niece, I've been thinking about our fierce loyalty and love of it in the UK, of which was put into words right there- we all go through the same experience. Most people are born in an NHS hospital, handled by NHS nurses, given their jabs by NHS GPs, grow up seeing that GP, go to NHS hospitals, and die in NHS hospitals. We can all trade a story about our good and bad experiences in places that are about people being treated equally, or based on need.Which I suppose makes it all the more painful to see our Conservative government use the same sort of fearmongering about 'choice', to dismantle our health service to the point that those experiences aren't universal anymore, where hospitals in some places function fine, and in others, are devoid of even basic services. Further splintering of the population so we don't come together and notice this- as well as every facet of our lives being sold piecemeal to capitalists.

  22. I had to cancel my doctor's appointment because, under our current health plan, it costs me $150 per visit. God bless America.

  23. in my country we have healthcare that is just funded through taxes and it is among the best in the world, and also extremely cheap. Too bad private alternatives are popping up, where they make a profit off tax money in away which takes resources away from the normal healthcare system 🙁

  24. IMPORTANT: It is IDIOTIC to argue — neoliberal dogma — that govt-paid health care ought to "pay for itself" — meaning consumers pay or Govt might "go broke". STUPID. WRONG. #MMT
    None of these health care "costs" — which means charges & profits going to the entire health care provider business — is paid for by taxes NOR CAN IT BE PAID BY TAXES at the national level. That is literally operationally and logically impossible. A well-spring of dollars located external to govt — somewhere among the populace — trees, perhaps? –does not exist. The well-spring of dollars is government itself. Look at the Serial number and signatures and the pictures and symbols, dammit. It's all Uncle Sam's logo.

    This is not true at the level of states, provinces, towns, or business, but this is 100% true at the national level where money is created and originates by means of lawful edicts to write a check already. The most taxes can be said to do is delete dollars to reduce the extra spending money that common people would possess and spend (or save) if their health insurance and copays were eliminated. Why? Because if people start spending way too much money buying way too much shit which is way beyond the capacity of industry (plus imports) to provide that shit, then that shit gets more expensive … called 'inflation'.
    That is, inflation-proper means there's simply too many dollars chasing too little scarce shit.
    The problem with this PHOBIA that people have about inflation is that (a) it is mostly a negative towards investors, savers, lenders and (b) the crisis for the last 100-150 years has been growing super-abundance of shit ( the opposite of scarcity ) coupled with declining profits denominated in dollars (or other) meaning scarcity of money not scarcity of stuff.
    A smart 4th grade student with an arithmetic textbook could understand this — addition subtraction multiplication division — just so they understood the operational paradigm:

    There is no sensible reason for scarcity of money.
    Congress can DECLARE a national holiday, then that holiday exists.
    Congress can DECLARE a state of war, then that war exists.
    Congress can DECLARE Budget Appropriations (vote) and with that they DECLARE Budget Authority to parts of the Executive branch (which takes actions, which can directly order payments to companies or people), then next those payments are sent as ordered and as authorized, and then BOOM that money then is created.

    The SOURCE of money is AUTHORITY and NOT some magical "pool" of Dollars mysteriously laying around somewhere — that does not exist. Money is not legally "backed by" any scarce commodity like gold or platinum (or even bales of dried tobacco), but if a person really insisted that health care dollars MUST be "backed by" something, the answer would be that dollars are "backed by" health care itself, by the labor (from doctors to housekeeper staff) and manufactured goods (bed, pharma, diag machines like MRI, etc.) that goes into the entire health care experience.

  25. REALLY enjoy how you smack your top hat for emphasis on "innovation". that's just very good physical comedy right there

  26. You know what else was a universalizer, a collective reality, at least among males? Universal conscription. On the same lines, we should bring that back, only not for war fighting. I'm sure we can find some tasks for young people to do for a couple years.

  27. I'm from Canada. Thankfully. We can show you how to do this. It's never perfect but what you've got its barbaric. How can you not get cheaper healthcare if you deduct profit and marketing? Also a large provider gets economies of scale you don't get even with your large population. Example our LCBO the Liqour Control Board of Ontario is the largest single buyer of wine and spirits in the world because they have a monopoly on all sales in the province. 10 million. If you had the equivalent of the NHS there, you'd have remarkably cheaper healthcare

  28. Every once in a while I get really depressed by just facts. Like. I know it's a meme at this point, but I think I'd be happier elsewhere. Almost any elsewhere.

  29. American health care: I hope nothing bad ever happens to my health, ever, because insurance is going to find every loop hole it can to say it doesn't cover my particular accident!!!!!!!! c:

  30. My husband and I have both come to the conclusion before in discussion that many people don't want universal healthcare because they really don't want the acknowledgement that all people are in fact equal people and deserve to live and be healthy. Also, I work in Healthcare Administration. HSA's suck for nearly everyone.

  31. Okay, you began talking about this around minute 28 but I'd been squirming in my seat- it is SO obvious that we pay more for health insurance than we would for healthcare directly because, duh, there's now an additional industry with millions of employees to support. I am planning to do some legwork in quantifying this, but it should be intuitive.

  32. When I watched that movie as a kid, that scene absolutely scared the shit out of me. I don’t even remember how long I was crying.

  33. as much as i support universal healthcare it seems impossible to get a nationalized version of a health plan that will actually serve everyone – we're never going to get every state to agree on what qualifies as "medically necessary" treatment, and trans and reproductive health are inevitably going to get the short end of the stick. and if we throw trans people and reproductive health under the bus to push through a plan it'll be a long uphill battle to get them included.

  34. A Fun Tale of American Healthcare:
    I went to the ER with an abscessed jaw. I needed antibiotics, and I knew that, and was in and out in 20 minutes.
    On check out, I was told that, if I paid before leaving, my charge would be 140 dollars (Not counting the meds).
    If I had to be billed, the charge would be 580 dollars.
    I had to be billed.
    What. The. Fuck.

  35. the u.s.’s association of the Caduceus , a symbol of Hermes, a god associated with both merchants and thieves, with representing the medical industry rather than the Staff of Asclepius is pretty accurate

    (professional orgs do tend towards using the correct symbol, but still widespread enough that the Caduceus is in the public consciousness as a medical symbol)

  36. The state of our healthcare is killing people. Right now, my Uncle, who's paid into the system for over sixty years, is fighting to get insurance. Why? His cancer came back but, because there's no longer protection for people with pre-existing conditions, he's not protected, and he's too young for Medicare and makes too much money for Medicade. He's dying because the insurance companies have decided they'll let him die. He fought cancer and beat it and he's being punished for it.

  37. Good god, I'm so glad I live in a country with universal healthcare. It's the most precious institution this country has, and dare I say that people here would fight a war to defend it (and indeed, it was created in the wake of the worst war in human history). I can only hope for Americans' sake that soon, somehow, you win your right to healthcare!

  38. In Germany it is kinda a mixed system if you earn enough you can choose a privet healthcare plan with fancy single bed rooms in hospital, less wait time at doctors, and better dental care but if you are a normal worker or don't have a job you still have healthcare and the poor peoples healthcare system still pays for all medicine and doctors and hospital and so.
    I would prefer a single payer system but at least I don't have to fear to get sick and don't know how to pay for it.

  39. Um, hey Peter…Harvard study found that 45,000 people die per year from preventable causes due to lack of insurance.

  40. In my country you can go to a doctor whenever you want to, hospital stays etc don't cost anything and you aren't put in debt when you end up needing lots of treatments. I can't imagine living in a country like the US

  41. You misrepresented pre-existing conditions and its relationship to the mandate. If you bought insurance previously, the disease you came on board with and its related symptomology weren't covered. If you got cancer or became pregnant after buying coverage, you would be covered. The animated eyeball act is a complete misrepresentation. Please stop propagandizing the center left or we won't stick around for more videos. I'll give it another shot but you earned a thumbdown for intellectual dishonesty.

  42. The argument for Single Payer I find most convincing is that markets only work to set fair prices when people can negotiate about prices, and you can't negotiate effectively when you have life-threatening appendicitis.

  43. The problem with our current healthcare is that it isn't free market. The AMA has recieved criticism from figures such as Milton Friedman for lobbying for laws that limit the supply of physicians. If you know about supply and demand, you will know that a shortage will jack up the price.

  44. As a Canadian millennial I find it so ridiculous that there are Americans who think that because you have single payer healthcare you won't be able to choose anything. It's literally just health insurance, but government provided health insurance. I can switch doctors whenever I want, in fact the government has a service that can help you find the best doctor for you, but you don't have to use it. You can literally use whatever you want and go to whichever doctor you want that's accepting patients.

    Hell you're MORE restricted in the states bc of being limited by coverage! Here everything is just covered by the same plan so like. It's not even a factor.

    [Although our healthcare isn't complete, it doesn't cover dental, medication, optical, a lot of mental health services, etc. outside of hospital. And it's administered by the province/territory, so it varies depending on where you go. Like in Quebec for example you pay for it then are reimbursed. But in their nextdoor neighbour Ontario (where I live) you never see a bill, it's just covered and paid for without your involvement.]

  45. There's also undeveloped countries that have it. All the countries that are on their way to becoming developed countries have it.

    Oh and many economists and other relevant experts have been debating as to whether or not USA qualifies as a developed country anymore.

    So there's that.

  46. Wow, I can feel the passion you exude in your argument for single-payer health care. It's obvious you care deeply about this topic as a fundamental, non-negotiable life-or-death topic, over the other Very Important Topics you cover, which you're still passionate about… but as part of a larger leftist philosophical package.

    After I had a taste of Japan's and Taiwan's universal health care system, and how quickly service was delivered and processed (against the backdrop of HUNDREDS of patients per day, in one fortress of a general Taipei hospital my father visited), there was no fucking way I could ever call America's health system even "alright." Yes, PLEASE let my taxes pay for this kind of shit, please!

  47. Americans are crule people. They are fully willing to punch down at the weak and desperate and climb on each other to get ahead.

  48. I live in newzealand where a lot of our health care is partly socialized & the amazing thing about that is that if you DO have the money, you can still absolutely go out & choose whatever doctor you want. There's a public health system & a private health system. The public system is either free has costs reduced by a lot & made affordable. The private system is a lot more expensive but if you have the money you can shop around for what ever kind of care you want. So like, republicans need to mcfucking look into how shit actually works in other countries.

  49. Im extremely privileged, I live with a parent and my car insurance is paid for, I have a fixed hours job and I work 30 hours a week….I still cant afford health insurance.. it would cost me like $300 a month……………and I have to pay for my community college classes/dental procedures instead.

  50. No mention of fraternal societies and mutual aid which predated the welfare state and provided affordable healthcare for the working class…highly biased video

  51. Is that what you see in the western countries: a meaningful collective the likes we associate with good religion? Even a little bit? Because I see quite the opposite. You know, of what we are allowed to see in the fringes of a media controlled by the state.

  52. You take issue with people claiming free health is a type of radicalization, but earlier you state that free health can provide the masses with the same satisfaction as church. There's something intellectually dishonest if not absolutely insidious about that.

  53. Ten thousand dollaroonis for a childbirth and they wonder why millennials rather not have children. Fix the damn health and educational systems you vampires. Pay living wages and provide decent, dignified housing. Stop insulting, ir insinuating that people who don't consume for status are inferior. Goddamn Vampires.

  54. I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of American refugees trying to get out of there.. high chance of being shot and more likely to get left in the gutter than get medial care, I'd say they qualify.

  55. I would not call Amnesty International a human rights org. I would call them the secular answer to white missionaries. Sure, sometimes they complain about the west, but most times when I see them campaign they're just concerntrolling about independent African and middle eastern countries.

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