11 Replies to “Woman swallowed engagement 2.4 carat ring during vivid dream about an adventure with her fiancé.”

  1. Cbs 8 San Diego do you have anymore school shootings from the late or mid 1950s reported on the news in black and white or cloor format

  2. Another one that wants attention people will believe anything nowadays but the truth. Because the truth has become the new lie remember a plane hit the pentagon and the towers and building #7 fell because of fire but should report on this instead of going and reporting on something that needs to be reported on until there is accountability.

  3. DIG THRU MY POOP? -No way. Lets get a doctor to lie! -and leave the sticky, gooey, stinky stuff alone. Besides, what's a few stitches? Mommy and Daddy will pony-up the cost. Done Deal.

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