Women Health – Spoiled Daughter – Short Film (Every GIRL MUST WATCH)

Women Health – Spoiled Daughter – Short Film listen to me, please Mansi, dress rehearsal at 6 o’clock, don’t be late. Pack your bags and come back home. do you get that? We trusted you so much ..no matter what.. our daughter would never do anything wrong. That’s it, enough. If you want to study, study here ..or else sit at home. Mansi what bring you here? Don’t you have your college fest day after? You cried? Have you got what I asked you? that test? Mom, what has happened to you? She’s late by 15 days. I’m afraid. Look at your weight! Mansi Don’t you eat properly there? exam preparation fashion show rehearsals often skipped food and sleep You did’t think about this mom? What is apparent is not always true Don’t assume, but ASK Consult for Women’s Health Issues Women Health – Spoiled Daughter – Short Film

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  1. Disturbance or delay in periods is a very common Women Health issue that every girl can relate to. most women have faced it at some point of time in their lives. Don't assume, ask – that's very true. only right guidance can solve the problem as well as those misunderstandings and the emotional disturbance that ensue.

  2. If people can't discuss their real issues, how is it possible to get help. Definitely, in Women Health case this is happening too.

  3. A common health issue(and the dilemmas and taboos associated with it) portrayed brilliantly in this short film. Kudos to the team behind this!

  4. Thank you @Rihaan for making this 🙂 All the artists have done a great job. @OoWomaniya.com will continue to raise these issues and keep spreading the awareness.

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