Women in Health: ASHAs

To work as an ASHA means to act as a link in the society we live in to spread awareness among people in the villages, especially mothers and women, especially about why vaccination is necessary and important. Today, people are much more aware about health. They themselves come up to us or call us and ask, when and where do we have to come for the immunization? Sometimes we face trouble as we have to walk a lot, houses are located far off in the villages. We have to visit the villages once or twice in a week, so of course we know which households have kids, which ones have pregnant women or mothers, so we inform them accordingly, for instance, we tell them that today is the 19th, please visit for check-up or get kids who are due for immunization. Everyone wishes to be able to serve society, but not everyone gets this opportunity. We have got this chance to do social work as ASHA workers.

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