Women in Health: Cold Chain Handler

The first thing we do on an immunization day is to condition the ice-packs. We then pack vaccines in carrier boxes and send them. We calculate the net utilization for the vaccines returned and then enter this data in the registers and the eVIN app. As a cold chain handler I have to ensure that the VVM (vaccine vial monitor), the storage and temperature of vaccines is properly maintained. The biggest benefit of eVIN for us is that there are no more stock-outs because we get timely indications on when to indent more vaccines. We get regular updates on all vaccine stock related information. When we make entries on the app we get alerts telling us if we have adequate stocks for the next session or not. We would be playing with someone’s life if the vaccines administered to them are not stored in the right conditions. As a cold chain handler, I also guide others to check the VVM and other details of their vaccines. I feel very good that the work I am doing is special, and makes a difference.

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