Women in Health: Vaccine Cold Chain Manager

My duty is to ensure proper vaccine distribution, indent generation, and to make sure that vaccines reach safely to all cold chain points for sessions and stocks are updated accordingly in time. There were many cold chain handlers who faced problems in using the smartphone with eVIN so we guided them with hand-holding and practice and held additional training sessions at those cold chain points Today, eVIN is working very well. I am very happy to work with eVIN and our cold chain handlers are even happier. They’ve learnt quite a lot. Earlier they would use a simple phone, and they only knew how to receive or disconnect a call. Now we’ve taught them how to use Android phones, and told them about internet facilities. All our vaccine handlers now know about all the latest features, like how to make entries and update data on the eVIN app. With the introduction of eVIN, we have information about which batch of vaccines are expiring soon and which ones later, the vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) of which vaccines indicate usability and which do not, None of this information was clearly and properly available before eVIN, neither were vaccine stocks maintained so well. With all these advantages, it is guaranteed that no child’s life would be risked owing to such gaps. Vaccine stocks are being properly monitored now. If vaccines are safe, our immunization programme is safe.

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