Women In Trump Country Organize Over Health Care | Morning Joe | MSNBC

55 Replies to “Women In Trump Country Organize Over Health Care | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Why didn't MSNBC ever report about the two bills signed by POTUS on Wednesday, which will lower the price of prescription medications for All Americans? You are all very welcome, kind and gracious Democrats. Everyone appreciates your CIVILITY and gentle acceptance of those who disagree with you.

  2. People worrying about Health Care have to realize, Republicans want to reduce or limit care. There is always some cost, so make "everyone pay" and then "everyone covered". In the long run, it should be affordable. What's cheaper, taxing a percentage or making premium payments? Under Repub. there will be millions not covered.

  3. Don't care til it hit home safe to say they don't care about others it's always me me me. Who do that sound like ? Give you a hint it's orange and has tiny hands.

  4. ACA saved many lives. Look to your president, he’s the one taking it away along with all the republicans….yeah, trumpkin

  5. All forms of assisted healthcare are forms of socialism. The doc performing the work is part of the community & helps another member of the community – very bad. Much better to self-diagnose & perform the self-help operation yourself – that's the independent, individual spirit that makes 'murica great. All you need is a mirror & a sharp knife…

  6. i am glad i live in Australia and gladly pay extra in my taxes so all Australians have access to free healthcare Americans seem to prefer to allow the elite tax cuts ( trickle down economics is a joke)then wonder why healthcare sucks over there every 1st world western country has universal healthcare except the USA..lol

  7. Of course Republicans never care about anything until it happens to them. It's a trope at this point. Want Medicare for all? Vote Democratic.

  8. Selfishness is the major problem here. Build a wall YES, but now that healthcare is a issue, everyone is crying. Gullibility

  9. Many conservatives lack empathy they don't care about anyone else problems and hate when poor people get government assistance like food stamps or Medicaid.
    They only care about those issues when it happens to them, sad isn't it?.

  10. LOL, Trump and Republicans doesn't care. The only thing Trump and the Republicans cares about is destroying everything that Obama did, including the Affordable Care Act.

  11. Trumpers didn't care about health insurance until they themselves needed it. They didn't care about other people's suffering until they began to suffer. Neither Trump nor his mob care a bit about anyone but themselves. Yet they call themselves Christians.

  12. Obamacare is useless at this point. Do these women support Medicare For All ? There are no specific questions asked in the interview. That's the issue with these TV channels. They don't go into specifics and probe more

  13. Seriously majority of candidates that support Trump have signed on to Discriminate patients with Pre-existing conditions… It's a lost cause

  14. It may be out of our hands. Texas and about 15 other states (including the DOJ) will bring it to the Supreme Court contesting that ACA is unconstitutional. When they did this in 2012 the Supreme Court said that the ACA was constitutional because of the individual mandate. Well, there isn't the individual mandate because of the tax bill last December. 84% of Americans will retire with a pre-existing condition, if they retire at 67. Point is, how you vote may not matter. It'll still go to the Supreme Court.

  15. Trump will tell you anything you want to hear, so he can get his guy elected. Once that happens, you are on your own. He is a con man sell the dream and producing nothing.

  16. Its very simple Ladies…. just don't put out till your men vote wisely, or at least find their brain and start using it!

  17. Health care is expensive in America because big corporations are allowed to make incredibly high profits off poor people for medical coverage and medical care including and especially prescription drugs. And the end result is the majority of the money paid for health care in America goes into the pocket of the rich while poor to middle class people pay sometimes half or more of their paycheck just to have access to health care…. so far trump has only made this problem much worse!!!

  18. So sad that Republicans are empathy-challenged. They only care when it affects *them*. Could have been demanding universal health coverage a long time ago. (:-(

  19. So if should only affect them , they should get involved, however if it affects a woman from across the tracks and less fortunate, then they wouldn’t think they deserve health care , really , do they know how petty that sounds ?

  20. Republicans are just going to LIE — they will say they are going to protect pre-existing conditions. then they will change their mind.

  21. Republicans used to raise communism as the boogey man…now it is immigration. They just create fear and then stoke and feed it. I am Canadian and we have “free” health care. Except Canadians all know it is not free. We happily pay through our tax dollars to have this system. It is not perfect but none of us become homeless or bankrupt if we become ill. It is very sad that you think or are constantly told you are the greatest country in the world when all the stats show otherwise. I think the rest of the world need to start a program where Americans get to travel to other countries to see how the rest of us live. Only 22% of Americans even have a passport. So obviously not well travelled and have no idea about the rest of the world!

  22. But retardican is saving a lot in taxes…so what if theres no healthcare or cost an arm and a leg..saving taxes is no1….lmao

  23. What's sad is Trump is lying about Republicans being the party for healthcare. Trump supporters will believe him and vote republican. After their healthcare disappears they will blame the new democratic Congress for it and vote republican again. The cycle of stupidity will continue.

  24. Did these women vote for Trump in 2016? They heard his lie's about his so called Trump care and thought, Oh I can trust him because he's a successful business man and knows what he's talking about. Oop's ladies news flash. He lied and has done every day since. When it come's home and your own family are affected the realization kick's in and you have think where your loyalties are, party or family and country. I truly hope you and your family a speedy recovery and always remember this can happen to anyone any time. By the way I'm a Brit expat and have lived in Germany for over 30 year's and my health care is inexpensive and I have full coverage with only €60 out of pocket cost's a year. That's called Universal Health Care and yes it's called Democratic Socialism.Isn't it wonderful..

  25. How do you expect anyone to feel bad for you when you keep voting for a party that's gets off to the thought of dismantling affordable healthcare??

  26. A case when "tribalism" causes you to vote against your interests! These ladies are like most people in Congress, they would not vote to assist someone else until becoming personally affected. This philosophy of not allowing government intervention, because of lack of empathy seems to be strong in the conservative movement.

  27. The Democrats lost their stranglehold on the black voter. Democrats are losing control over women voters and becoming increasingly violent and desperate.

  28. Very sory for your dochter or familly but this MORON of a person/president … better vote for DONKEY if you expect any help ! Truump is MORON & LIAR ! All the best !

  29. Guys lets make Women's vote count more by staying home on voting day! Its time we let our women decide what the fate of our country will be! By staying home on voting day, women will have more representation in the polls! #DemocratMenStayHome

  30. Donald Trump and the Republican party LIED to the American voter about the value and effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, (ACA). They labeled it Obamacare to diminish its value in the eyes of the American voter. I watched many interviews in which the person being interviewed ranted on about how terrible Obamacare is while saying they have insurance through the Affordable Care Act. These people were clueless about the fact that those two programs are the same program. Donald Trump used hate, divisiveness, and lies to convince Americans that Obamacare was terrible. Donald Trump and the Republican party hate the fact that preexisting conditions are covered under the Affordable Care Act because the insurance companies hate that they have to provide coverage for preexisting conditions.

    Everyone will get sick at some time in their life and will most probably become afflicted with a serious disease such as cancer or heart attack. If those people are fortunate enough to survive the disease, the insurance companies can then refuse to cover an illness related to that person's previous illness without protections that force insurance companies to cover a preexisting condition. Illness doesn't care whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent. By eliminating coverage for preexisting conditions, insurance companies can take your money for years and then not have to provide you with coverage when you need it most.

  31. The "only" way for republican voters to feel any sort of empathy on healthcare is for their family to be touched by tragedy…unfortunately.

  32. Guess what sister .. Republicans did not champion healthcare. That's why empathy and voting matter. While an issue doesn't affect you personally in the present, it affects others and it may effect you and your family in the future. Typical Republican woman. While I wish a lifetime of good health for her daughter .. the mother's lack of humanity for others in the last vote .. really turns me off.

  33. If you truly care, get out and vote blue for goodness sake! Do you think Trump won’t lie again to get your votes. Why risk the lives of your family, friends and others by allowing this madness to continue. Your only guarantee is to vote blue. 💙💙💙

  34. The USA has the most expensive healthcare system, and no Medicare For All like any other develloped country on earth. Howcome? Politicians and Media get paid by corporations. Right? Yep, right. How to change this? Vote Progressives. No pac money. The corporations get 3 tax cuts and buy up stocks on Wallstreet. Now selling. Stock exchange crashes. The Stock Market is a sham. Greedy bankers do the rest. Inflation. Who is gonna pay for the deficit? The normal tax payer by paying more for healthcare. Trump has Walton School of Business? He probably cheated through the exams bc he doesn't understand that in a globalized world, protection by tariff regulation is a short time help, a long run desaster. You are going to feel this one hitting hard this time. Trump is bankrupting you. Being a narcissist, he doesn't care. He will be so pleased with himself for the fact that he lied and a whole bunch of people believed him.

  35. 25 years ago the United States Army foced my friend Juan Pierre Griffin, to perform his duties without a military chain of command at Fort Ord, Ca.?

  36. Do what the rest of the developed world is doing : Medicare for All-Single Payer. It works! That's why NONE of these developed countries switch to U.S. style healthcare. It is less expensive and the health outcomes are better.Their healthcare is not hijacked by the greed of big health insurance corporations and big Pharma. Wake-up!

  37. Problem is that the conservatives have no interest in conserving and/ or improving the health of Mother Nature, hence they are not interested in the health of those that live within Mother Nature, i.e. the citizenships the USA. It seems to me all they want to conserve are outdated beliefs that keep people subjugated to their rules, and unable to have real freedom and self actualisation.

    Conservatives/ republicans are quite happy to conserve and increase the wealth of the top 10% of the population by giving them tax breaks so that when there really is no choice but to do something about climate change (if conservatives ever accept that), then it will cost even more than it would now, and by then the US will be bowed under the weight of a deficit which has been increased even more by these three rounds of tax breaks for the wealthy.

    I guess sustainability could be considered conservative, but, of course not, by US conservatives and Republicans. Where are those conservative views of never leaving for tomorrow what we can do today, of doing maintenance each year so you don’t end up with a catastrophe in a decade, etc.?

    I do wonder if conservatives/ republicans ever actually sit down in solitude, away from all electronic devices, and think about these things?

    Do they really think about the non logical positions they have increasingly been taking in the last 20-30 years? Do they understand the hypocritical ideas they espouse, which they seem to not recognise as being hypocritical?

    I think everyone should try to meditate a bit each day. It’s the perfect time for it.

    Dont get frightened, no funny mumbling, just be quiet, quieten your mind, your racing heart, just be in your own company, without sources of interruptions like other people, the TV, your devices etc.

    Don’t get angry. Get quiet.

    Think. Analyse. Think some more.

    Put it down on paper (real paper), and take your time to look at facts. Just facts. Not what others tell you. Real facts you can corroborate through verifiable sources.

    You have about 20 days to become more thoughtful and analyse whether the party you want to vote for is working in your best interests, whether they have humane ideals, whether the ideals they espouse (or you believe they espouse) are actually the policies they follow. Are they principled? Are they honest? Do you want to associate yourself with dishonest, unprincipled people or groups?

    Remember, don’t get angry, or frustrated, or hurried. An hour a day is more than enough. Heck, 30 min a day is enough, for the next 20 days.

    Good luck.

  38. You want insurance that pays for everything, judging from the house you were in you could afford it What about the people who don’t make as much as you paying more fore the same insurance. Tax’s in Ohio eat up a large portion of the working persons pay check, federal and state and for some union dues. Leaves little to pay bills and eat. Maybe if they got rid of the borders insurance company’s can’t cross and let them go all over to work fo our business. This could bring lower rates to both the company’s and their employees

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