Women Mobilize Against Full Assault on Women’s Reproductive Health in Texas

wife’s joining us now is Kb club boo sick is that correct
Katie my child night I know it’s terrible it’s
diet weblog under Katie speak I’m not trying to be an honest no expect anyone to start pronounce that
day okay so you katie is a writer
reproductive justice activist and I I want to just have you on briefly to just hella basically the laws in taxes they’re kinda came to
national attention that really intense anti-woman self anti-choice push that
was kinda brought to the national consciousness by Wendy Davis are still being pushed forward I in
Texas there I currently in in kinda legal are in a legal process right now and I i
want you to both speak briefly to that and then also you’re involved in
organizing an online tell non-event which supports Texas woman
essentially a fundraising help keep are what few Planned Parenthood Planned
Parenthood and other woman health centers that are operating in Texas I open and providing
services wall this goes through its legal process sure I’m just heard just a quick
correction just for people who are looking at some we were actually does organization is the fundraiser sponsored by NARAL
pro-choice America and and I asked New York abortion access
into not directly associated Planned
Parenthood the know that it they’re definitely involved
in that the legal kind of this planet access so when he visits are prepared to
adjust the first special session at Rick Perry called I’m he is so
anti-choice he called additional legislative session
and managed to cram 30 an HPQ because one other on the best
trapped by you guys talk about it a lot on the show
buddy but it does get pushed there to provide a quote and connects
and they don’t they know they can do with the safety and health of women there just to push my anti-choice agenda
do to don’t really respect by by Lee economy which is why I take it
personally even when it’s not happening in my state so already in October and admitting
privileges requirement was struck down by the Circuit Court and
then on Halloween be really awfully horrible texas
Attorney General Greg have it has futurist day in that
decision antibiotics so immediately and affected was be admitting privileges %uh
proficient and so just click showdown across the state
overnight I V to people who packed all on take playing their patients who had
appointment in the morning to tell them not to come and what happened now is 246 I did the
254 counties in Texas at No abortion provider there are at least six
counts in the entire state that have someone that can ride this
legal medical procedure so women are driving like six hundred miles for four point that they can’t even get
there it’s it’s really ridiculous yeah that’s absolutely ludicrous i mean
and that’s really why wanna just how you want even just you know relatively briefly to just kinda
highlight what’s happening there this kind of emergency %uh that’s taking
place right now in taxes are so briefly what is the state love where where is the case that
legally right now what’s the next process is gonna go through and then explain this a fundraiser and how people
could could get involved with it sure civil I
was passed and then are pro-choice groups to first
day missed a requested guiding the current
crisis and then the Center for Reproductive Rights and other assorted legal beagle legal
action group has had gone to the supreme court and
asked for emergency keel tulips to let go looking up to stay if
that’s not confusing and I for everybody and the problem is that I goes to
antonin scalia because he’s the one in charge at the
Fifth Circuit Court good essentially his decision unilaterally I mean he can bring and the
other guys in a black robe they probably won’t so it’s not about to
have either not this this rocket struck back down and
what happened if you decide cue maintain the current
state of affairs is that gives the Fifth Circuit City
steel approval of mine that the admitting privileges lot and places like
the times in Alabama had already struck it down you have one circuit court saying yes
and want to get quite shake now I’m not the kind of thing send it to the Supreme Court which is
the whole point I’ll be in Detroit nope it’s overturned row so if you’re just a police state and you
think that what’s happening in Texas right now is not about you you better believe the has everything to
do with you the the state of emergency in the whole thing I am said last minute because biggest texted dictating crisis i mean there are
other states Ohio and Indiana plates are a nightmare for women’s rights as well
but the club because it aside and accusation I just really an immediate
crisis so the amazing cricket activist and million
of their little instead I’m back together with Sarah Silverman
and are hosting and on my telephone on Monday November 8
keep from 7 to 10 p.m. Eastern which and unbelievable why not
I’m we’re gonna have take you back to the front page she has
had tears plane on QVC huge human though the woman I tried to
testify before the Texas Legislature it and troopers tractor out it a each way we’ve got I comedienne and writers and at politician pundits
it’s going to be amazing great so and and just really there’s
there’s a link RT your site we’re going to also put up
the link to the telethon in the event this is really really important I just
wanted to have you want the kind of high like this cuz I think obviously a
bit certainly people familiar with the crisis in the states I don’t necessarily
know that everybody’s know the fact that there is really a I
would you know sort of Stadium emergency for women’s health in
Texas right now Katie Colclough boo sick writer reproductive justice activist thank you
so much for coming on and talking with us about this

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  1. Even crazy grows larger in Texas!  Texas is America's greatest source of pollution. Texas has the largest population of uninsured residents!  Texas has the biggest population of racist, redneck imbeciles celebrating their plight! 
    Somebody needs to rescue the decent people living there.       

  2. The women of Texas that believe in a womans right to be in charge of her own body and reproduction should go on strike until the current laws forcing the closing of clinics are repealed no man gets any sex that ought to get things changed fast enough.

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