Women With Breast Cancer Are Taking Their Sexual Health Into Their Own Hands

I’m Christiana von Hippel, I’m a postdoctoral
researcher at the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health and I’m also
affiliated with Dana-Farber Cancer Center, and I conducted a study with Breastcancer.org,
which was a wonderful opportunity, to assess really how women are coping with sexual functioning
issues and relationship health issues and taking their health into their own hands when
the solutions that their doctors can provide are simply not enough. We found through a study of 500 participants
in Breastcancer.org that really a lot of women, 35%, are coming up with their own techniques
for handling sexual function issues that they face, around desire, arousal, their relationships,
their vaginal dryness, and they’re sharing some with their healthcare providers, which
is wonderful, there could be more of that, because healthcare providers are receptive,
and it’s also really important to continue sharing on Breastcancer.org with peers because
that seems to be a wonderful way that women are learning about subjects that are hard
to ask about.

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