Women’s Emotional Health after 50: Why Female Friendships are So Important in Life after 50!

maybe you haven’t thought about it for a
while just how important your girlfriend’s are and for our men
listening to understand that difference thanks so much for tuning into our
second act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life hey Silke hi Paige
today we have a fun subject look that’s very near and dear to both of our hearts
and a very important topic the more we talk about it and that is the importance
of a friendship at especially at this age the support of our female friends
and I say female because there is a difference between you know how men bond
and how women bond and you just had a wonderful experience with some of your
old friends that we want to talk about and just kind of discuss why this is so
important at this point in our lives so if you think about it by the time we
reach 50 we might have moved to different places people might have had
divorces where and we know this when we get divorced which friends do we keep
which friends go to the significant other do you know who do you feel
comfortable around and as you age to if you have moved away maybe you’re in a
place where you can’t find that same connection with people that you used to
either live closeby or friends who you met years and years ago you know because
I told you Silke that I just had a girls weekend with my college roommates
and you know we reconnected a couple of years ago and it was great because we
picked up right where we left off and if you think about it friends like that
they knew you when you were 17 years old and when you’re in college you do crazy
ass things things occur with relationships like your vulnerability is
really wide really open you talk about really intense things like that that’s a
time in your life when when someone really sees you because you haven’t
masked a lot by that time so you grow so much through the years and if you can
reconnect with people from your earlier years you’d be amazed that there’s those
people that you can pick right back up from and they know you like the back of
your hand and you don’t have to mask there’s no judgment things are light
it’s funny but then when you have to talk about serious things you know how
each other is to be with each other which is great and
then of course there’s times that you reconnect with people from your past and
you go wow maybe they stayed stuck in their life they haven’t grown and it’s
different so it can’t happen for everyone but reconnecting with people
who you go you know what I really miss them or I’d really like to reach back
out and you and I talked about this if you go on Facebook look how many times
people are reconnecting with you Silke are reconnecting with me from years
prior I see this thing that goes on after 50 where you’re trying to
reconnect because you’re trying to find you know that connection that maybe has
been lost through the years that you had when when you were younger so does that
make sense oh well yeah of course it makes great sense to me I mean as you
know that’s how this whole show started is why don’t you talk a little bit about
that well and most people know by now and it’s written all over our website
but you know when I got divorced right after 50 when I left Texas and came back
to California reconnected with my old friends and just what as you’re
describing you know you you talked about stuff back then that that still applies
today that was one of her big yeah big eye openers and yeah there’s just
something almost sacred about that one thing that is I think is different with
friendships at this at this age to is is use tend to spend more time with fewer
people because I think we know what we really want in our lives important and
you know just people did that network of friends that you know we all hopefully
all have that builds us up when we have you know a lot of down times now and not
only that too because that’s the those are really good points but also who else
can understand what you’re going through after 50 then people who have been going
through it after 50 so like when we were all together this weekend you know we
were just catching up with Wow you do you know what it was like in college
what were our 20s like our 30s our 40s and now we’re in our 50s so there’s this
theme that you can really connect to of life experiences
and life losses and and like big things that happen and little things that
happen and and you know one of my friends this weekend after we all got
back because we don’t live there on one side of the country I mean the other
side of the country and you know something had happened with one of her
daughters and she was texting us and she’s like you know what I’m so glad
that I have someone to talk to that won’t judge that I can share this stuff
with you know and because when you reconnect you’re you know I know I keep
using the words reconnecting but when you reconnect and spend time with each
other you get more comfortable again and it’s like oh my gosh let me reach out
and share this with you or you know can you give me support with here or I have
some fear here and there’s this natural kind of thing that happens because
you’ve already been through so much together through the years that here you
are rallying back up again and one of my friends had said something
this weekend she’s like gosh you know I wish we would have reconnected so much
earlier and my response was you know what I’m glad we didn’t because after 50
I feel like it’s even needed more and you know I feel like you stay together
longer with friends that you reconnect after 50 because so many times like you
said we feel alone or we feel isolated and we know who we want to connect with
now and what our needs are in a really different way yeah well and different
than as we loo to earlier you know with than men because there is that emotional
connection left them I was we were all crying
because you don’t get the same connection with a man sorry this is not
a hit but it’s just how it is that you do with girlfriends there’s just this
this bond there’s this emotional connection there’s and it’s so simple
and it’s so easy and you don’t have to work at it or draw shit out of somebody
it’s just you know cuz we all get it well and with men is a Paul for example
you know but my boyfriend he he has tons of friends and
great friends that he stays with you know from high school male friends I’m
talking about now and you know they well their connection is golf on the golf
course and talking about really nothing nothing that that means anything exactly
mean so much to them but for women we wouldn’t get into that that the dirt we
want to like dig deep we want to share things to talk about experiences we
wouldn’t laugh and cry and and just it’s like this soulful deep deep connection
that most the time you can only get with your girlfriends that’s why girlfriends
are so so important and one of my friends said this weekend you know if
our husbands all die early we should be the new golden girls of the new of the
new era so you know we were already talking about decades down the road you
know so not that we want that to happen but it’s that whole thing of you know
who do you connect with who do you want to bond with your girlfriend’s yeah
exactly well Paige were coming to the end
already chit-chatting here our girlfriend time and I think though so
fast I think for me what I’m asking you to sum this up but it is just yes I did
that’s somewhat obvious that friendships are important but maybe maybe you
haven’t thought about it for a while just how important your girlfriends are
and for our men listening to understand that difference and maybe why sometimes
you know we clash or irritate you when we want to you know be more emotional or
discuss more emotionally it’s just that’s how we’re different and and it’s
nice when you have your girlfriends too to do that with Paige I’m gonna agree
with you because we as women want to connect so when we’re asking you things
that we’re trying to pull things out and you know men are like wait like it’s
almost an irritation at times cuz I get that sometimes with my husband specially
since I just came back from a girl weekend and I was filled up and
connecting so I want to keep connecting he’s like what what are you doing so we
just need to connect so good point to Silke that if you haven’t thought about
reconnecting with friends you know test the waters reach out because I guarantee
you somebody else out there wants to reconnect as well to because
girlfriends need girlfriends I agree your chair is squeaky I know it’s just
screw in there that just can’t screw tight Paige we’ll see you next time on
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