Women’s Health at Penn Medicine Radnor

– My name is Divya Shah. I am a faculty and
reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist here in the department of OBGYN at the University
of Pennsylvania. I have primarily in my clinic outpatient visits here at Penn Medicine Radnor, and then I also spend some time
downtown at the main hospital for my surgical practice as well as
in vitro fertilization. The advantage of being
a patient here at Radnor, it’s the best of both worlds. You still get access
to that Penn Medicine system with regards to
your care providers, with regards to the resources, with regards to
all the decision-making, but the nuts and bolts
of that process can occur in a much more intimate
and convenient location. It’s a smaller group of people,
a smaller group of nurses, a smaller group of faculty. It’s very easy to park here. You don’t have to drive
in the city to get here. It’s right off the highway. There’s lots of things
that normally don’t come with the large academic center
that we’re able to offer here. While this is a satellite
clinic of Penn Medicine, it’s not just a fertility
satellite clinic. I mean, I really like that.
I like practicing in a place that isn’t just me
or just OBGYN. It also has internal medicine, cardiology, everything from
a travel clinic to GI, and I think that again
makes it easier if you do need
multidisciplinary care to try as much as possible is keep that
multidisciplinary care in this sort of
satellite location. The most important thing
honestly is your comfort, and probably
the biggest part of that is your comfort
with your care provider and then expanding from that
that you’re comfortable with the care team as a whole,
that you feel that everyone, from the nurses
to the medical assistants to any ancillary staff really have your best
interests at heart and have the resources
available to execute the plan of care
that is best for you. I personally feel very lucky to work in an institution
like Penn that really gives me
that opportunity to provide that level of care
to patients.

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  1. Current patient of Dr. Shah's. She is the best. Not only very knowledgeable but compassionate as well. So grateful to be a patient at Penn.

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