Women’s Health During Childbearing Years

(upbeat music) – I’m doctor Emma Miller. I’m an OBGYN, and I practice at Timpanogos Women’s Center. I like to see a patient
before they are thinking about conceiving if possible, if they know that they’re going
to start planning a family. I like to make sure that
they get into the office, make sure that their health is in check. Make sure that there’s nothing we need to tweak or fix before pregnancy, because pregnancy is a
big jolt to the system. And if something is off that
we could’ve fixed before, its definitely better to do
it before they’re pregnant. That way we can also talk
about any other questions that they have if they’re on medications that they need to change before pregnancy. So that we’re not running into any issues with that as well. So when a woman is trying to get pregnant
and it is not happening as quickly as they think
I want them to be able to come and see me and come to
the Timpanogos Women’s Center. So, that we can discuss: How
long have they been trying to get pregnant? What are
they doing to get pregnant? Are they timing it correctly? Is there something that we
need to further investigate? There’s definitely a time frame that we expect a woman to
get pregnant if she’s normal and healthy, and her partner
is normal and healthy. So if its beyond that time
frame we need to discuss about different investigations
of what’s going on. One thing we offer at
Timpanogos Women’s Center is free pregnancy tests
so if you’re unsure, not quite sure if you’re pregnant, or if you need to see a doctor yet. Just come in our nurses can do a pregnancy test right there on the spot. Let you know within two
minutes if that is positive and if we do need to make an appointment to start management of pregnancy. So in my clinic we’re associated with Timpanogos Regional Hospital. That’s where a woman is gonna deliver. This facility is here beyond compare. Aside from the comfort of
having your own private suite with plenty of room for
family and visitors. Plenty of room for your significant other to stay with you and support you. You’re gonna have staff
ready to help at any moment, we also have an incredible NICU where we can deliver
women in circumstances where the babies have to
be delivered very early 24 weeks and above and
they’ve done extremely well in the NICU. The staff that they have there is top notch, and I wouldn’t
want to deliver anywhere else. (upbeat music)

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