Women’s Health Golf Classic hits $2 million mark in support of Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer program

Welcome to the 2016 Women’s Golf Classic. Hope you had a great morning on the links. This event has left an indelible mark on the Odette Cancer Centre’s Breast Cancer Program over the last 16 years. You have helped improve the entire journey for breast cancer patients, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. Let me provide just a few examples. With your support we built Canada’s largest and most advanced breast cancer centre. Thanks to you, we were able to introduce a rapid diagnostic unit which eases patient anxiety and allows treatment and recovery to begin sooner. Because of you we offer specialized care for each one of our patients. Our breast cancer program influences how care is delivered across Canada, which means your impact extends far beyond our patients. Of course, the Women’s Health Golf Classic couldn’t be a success year after year were it not for the fantastic volunteers sponsors and participants. I thank all of you for your extraordinary efforts and generosity. I want to congratulate the Women’s Health Golf Classic for reaching a major milestone today. This year we celebrate the event’s remarkable accomplishment of raising more than two million dollars for women’s health at Sunnybrook. That is an impressive amount. Even more impressive is the impact these funds have had on our ability to offer life-saving breast cancer care. The Women’s Health Golf Classic is always run like a well-oiled machine thanks to the time and effort put in by its outstanding volunteers past and present. Volunteers like Jennifer Tory, the event’s founding chair in two thousand and now it’s chair emeritus, like Anne Odette Kaye who has co-chaired the event for the past 14 years, and like Jodi Stodgell and Marilyn Hull both of whom have served as co-chairs with Anne. The commitment of these women and the event committee volunteers is exemplary in every sense of the word. With their talent and energy it is no surprise the Women’s Health Golf Classic has been and will continue to be a wonderful success. I want to express my gratitude to all of you; volunteers, sponsors and participants for your long-standing support of the Women’s Health Golf Classic and on behalf of our breast cancer experts and the many lives you have touched, a very big thank you.

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