Women’s Health Lecture in Venice

(bright upbeat music) – Women’s health is totally important, and I think sometimes gets
pushed on the back burner. Because as women sometimes were
always doing, doing, doing, for other people, we forget
about our own health. – Doctors Hospital
hosted another one of our very successful women’s health symposiums. It was a chance for ladies of
all ages to come out and get an afternoon of pampering and
important health information. – This event is important
because we’re discussing topics that many women will, not
discuss with their permanent care doctors even or even their friends. – I think at this age its
probably, primary concern for all of us, and things just creep
up on you, and you think you’re perfectly healthy and then maybe not. [Guest 1 At Event] I thought it was very helpful, very informative. [Guest 2 At Event] Everybody
should really be proactive, especially when it comes to your health. Because without your
health you can do nothing. [Monica] At Doctors
Hospital we think its really important to host these
events for the community. It’s a chance for you to come
out an get health information that you may not have a chance
to do otherwise, you can hear directly from a doctor and from our experts from Doctors Hospital. We had an amazing turnout here
in Venice, and I think that shows that there’s a lot of
interest and need for health information in our community and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. So pleased that we’re able to provide this service for the community.

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