Women’s Health Magazine Releases Its Naked Truth Issue | Megyn Kelly TODAY

36 Replies to “Women’s Health Magazine Releases Its Naked Truth Issue | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. isn't a double standard that this magazine company "wants" to embrace different beauties in women, but they choose the thinest one to be on the cover ?

  2. I do not feel that this is empowering at all. We as hummans are taught modesty. That is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with you because you are uncomfortable being naked for the world. This is more body shaming. Size and body shapes are visible through clothing. Why is this necessary? Stop talking so much about women's bodies and start talking about their accomplishments.

  3. Modest and respect go hand in hand in my opinion. Anyone agree with me? Cause if you respect yourself you'll be more modest in the way you carry yourself.

  4. Fact is they are all beautiful and if they were average looking the magazine would not sell. The hype is look at The beautiful face and body. Not look at an average woman and accept the notion of strength,acceptance. More female mind bending propaganda

  5. Megyn Kelly should have more light-hearted topics. She can be such troll and that's why people love her but in that new show she's not given an opportunity to do that.

  6. it's call confidence in self – self love – when you own that you don't have insecurities about nudity. Nudity is freedom – own it.

  7. They aren't naked at all, though. The poses show less of their bodies than if they were posing in a swimsuit.

  8. like like like like
    so sad
    and she dies not look attractive actually at all
    all look dark skinned to me so blonde white girls continued to get badgered

  9. Thumbs up. Love yourself..your body shape. Good. Fat is still gross. Likely u.n….attractive to most males. Of course…an equal will love you. Remain in your lane and you will be happy. Good. Don't ..cross pretend.

  10. Megyn's dressmaker does very poor fitting these days. She used to wear designer at Fox, now it is homemade.

  11. Tell the truth and shame the Devil, Hip hop has made multiple sizes acceptable, remember the song I like big butts and I cannot lie, a household treasure, to twerking, to the Khadashians Amber rose,
    Cardi Bnicki Minaj Beyonce iggy Azalea walking red Carpets

  12. Why don't any of 'em embrace their pale white skin (the white ones) instead of trying to imitating other women by plastering on tans & bronzers…. ?? fooling none

  13. It's all just so much bs. Just an excuse for them to sell the magazine using naked women. It's an abomination that we are propagating this idea that a woman's confidence lies in her ability to show off her body.

  14. Amazing interview! So empowering and amazing. I felt so happy watching this and the messages really hit deep in my heart ♡ happy strong norm-breaking women are the best!!!

  15. Gorgeous women! We grow and age and change (in my teens I was a an XS/ even too small for a woman's 2) Now I have a 40 year old body that is exactly like my mom
    's and grandmothers: life is easier If I embrace it and love it (I'm a 14, 16, 18)

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