Women’s Health Magazine Supermarket Stars

Hi I’m Jen Ator Fitness Editor at Women’s
Health and author of Shape Up Shortcuts and today I have five of our top supermarket stars,
which we awarded to the top packaged foods that are out there on the shelves today. Lets
start with the earlier exerciser. You might not be hungry when you first wake up in the
morning but it’s really important to be well hydrated which is what makes Pom Coconut juice
a really smart option. It combines the benefits of 100% pomegranate juice with coconut water,
which is going to help power you through your workout. Its super light and refreshing and
they also have other great juice blends you can try as well. Now after your workout you
really want to make sure you get a great snack. Pure Protein bars are an amazing option. They
got 20 grams of protein this chocolate peanut butter flavor is so delicious but its low
in sugar, a great source of calcium and also packed with vitamins and minerals. But the
real important part here is the protein, that’s what is going to help rebuild your muscles,
refuel you after your workout which is ultimately going to help you boost your metabolism and
lose more weight down the line. Now a great way to kind of stave off hunger for the day
is to make sure you are getting really nutritious light snacks. We like to pair veggies with
Dannon Oikos Cucumber Dill Dip. It’s really rich. It taste like fresh tzatziki sauce but
it has half the calories and 70% less fat than traditional dairy dips. Its made with
Greek yogurt so your really getting amazing health benefits there, you’re getting extra
protein which is going to help keep you full and satisfied. You’re also getting probiotics
and a great source of calcium as well. So a great option that is going to taste like
an indulgence without actually being one. Now if you are in a hurry Vitalicious VitaPizza
in Meatless Pepperoni Supreme is a terrific choice. It is an all-natural frozen pizza
with only 190 calories. It’s made with soy pepperoni, which is a great meat alternative.
It helps lower your overall intact of saturated fats and soy has also been found to help lower
your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of prostate, colon and breast cancers. Finally
when it comes to dessert one of the tastiest and healthiest choices that we found was Edy’s
Outshine Cranberry Fruit Bars. Their made with all-natural fruit and they are only 70
calories. So a really healthy nutritious way to end your day feeling satisfied, feeling
like you’re getting a treat and your only also getting the health benefits of cranberries.
So lots of people know they can help reduce your risk of UTIs but they can also help regulate
your cardiovascular system as well as your liver. So again a great healthy and tasty
treat to end your day. These are just five of our options that we found. You can get
all of the award winners are womensheatlhmag.com or you can pick up our latest issue, which
is on newsstands now.

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