Women’s Health Magazine’s 2013 Beauty Awards

Hi I am Molly Nover Baker, I’m the beauty
director at Women’s Health Magazine. We give a unique approach to our beauty awards this
year by really taping into all the moments in a women’s life when she would use the products.
So today I have a few winners to tell you about. Lets start out with a product you need
for all social moments. We started out with Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo.
It really nourishes the scalp to give you the right foundation for strong hair. Where
a lot of shampoos put the focus on your ends they put the focus on your scalp. It contains
a Nutrium 10™ complex which is a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients so its almost like
getting a vitamin shot for your hair and scalp. Moving along to the gym after you’ve done
a great workout, what you want are some fast beauty fixes. We choose too. Our readers voted
for TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo because it contains oil absorbing mineral
clay and refreshing citrus extracts all of which help to absorb odor as well as reduce
the excess oil on your hair and scalp by up to 75% while also cutting down on frizz. It
distributes in a fine mist so you have no product residue. Also hugely important when
you are at the gym, having an antiperspirant that really works. We choose Degree Women
Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™ Technology. This product contains prescription strength
protection that is three times stronger than your basic deodorant. It also contains the
motion sense technology so it works as you move to keep you fresh all day long. At work
we believe it is always important to look polished and put together no matter where
you go. So we chose as an editor’s pick the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush. This
is a fantastic product that’s rich in antioxidants and the cream really sinks into your skin
to give you a natural looking flush. It also contains their ceramide triple complex that
is a blend of vitamins that is going to help soothe and strengthen your skin’s appearance
while also helping to visibly lift and contour your cheeks. And finally we hope you are headed
out for a vacation this summer. So whether you are going to the beach or doing a city
escape. Our readers have repeatedly chosen Jergens® Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer as
the best self-tanner. What’s new for them this year is that they are now infused with
an odor-absorbing compound so you no longer have that self tanner smell. You still have
a fabulous tan glow to your skin but no stink. For all of these products you can check out
our June issue or long into WomensHealthMag

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