Women’s Health Matters Lecture Series – FREE

Hi, I’m Dr. Karen Jensen and I’d like to tell you about a very interesting event in your area. There will be two opportunites to attend. I’ll be introducing my new book,Women’s Health Matters,The Influence of Gender on Disease, for the very first time. We all know that there are differences in men and women and I don’t think anybody can dispute that, these differences are determined by very complex interactions that reach even down to the cellular level. And as a result, this also means that diseases and treatments and drugs affect women differently and despite the wealth of data available these differences are not taken into account adequately in clinical research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases common in women. So come and learn more about this topic and how diet, lifestyle and natural supplements can help prevent and treat common conditions such as inflammation, stress, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, dimentias and much more. I’ll be presenting with Dr. Kate Rhéaume, a local Toronto doctor, and other naturopathic doctors, medical doctors will also be speaking on very interesting topics. So, please come and join us. This is event is for women, and the men in your life.

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